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14th May 2013, 10:04
Morning all. Need some advice. Has anyone got a borrowed ipad. My dad was loaned one from his speech therapist as his bulbar palsy has progressed to his voice having gone most of the time now. The case it comes in is a hard case and has a built in screen cover, but because it doesn't sit on the screen there are sooo many air bubbles that it actually makes it hard to use. Does anyone else have this problem and has anyone found a way round this? I did wonder if I put a normal screeen saver on it It would help or would it need to be an anti glare? Sometimes I wonder if a whiteboard and pen would be easier. :confused: Thanks all.

14th May 2013, 10:56
Hi Summer,
I use an iPad,I change the screen saver on a regular basis( when I say I, I mean my beloved changes it form me )
it is a real skill applying the screen cover without leaving bubbles look on YouTube for techniques

Good luck.


14th May 2013, 11:43
Turn off you pad take out battery just for case.
Clean you screen whit clof but first make fog on him using you breathing then make clof wet and spill this on a screen.
Peal off first layer and take good splash ujder tap cool water and put on screen.
Press down whit you banking card to remove all bubbles and water.
Job done.

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