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19th May 2013, 01:43
I am aware what I'm doing now is taking stuff to make me feel better as best I can. So far it's Valium as needed 2mg only. My G@ts at night combined with Zopiclone puts me in a comfort zone. The SSRI Citalopram and pregabalin or lyrica didn't help. So now I'm thinking what do I take during day. At the moment that would be more Valium but problem with these is I can't take all the time cos of addiction - or can I?? Accepting that the terminal illness in my case is rapid then maybe mixing G&Ts Valium and Zopiclone as needed whenever and regular valium can't be a bad thing say if I have 6 months left. Feeling completely dire most of the time is not an option, I can relieve that with valium G&ts and zopiclone. Im just wondering what meds is taken by others to maintain a reasonable quality of life


19th May 2013, 14:30
Hi Laila

I was given 5 to 10 months to go last December by my specialist doctor and like you I wondered how I can continue to enjoy my life.
I ignored the time frame given as I did look s.... that day which may have influenced the estimation from the doc.
Stair lift, commode, hoist, additional bells round the house, new rise and recliner and ramp to allow me to go into the garden - all provided - it was like Christmas - come to think of it , it was Christmas !

Nothing has really changed apart from the batteries in the remote control , new tube on the suction , and same old abuse from my lovely wife. When she wipes my derriere I think she still has memories of brass rubbing !

Carry on with whatever works for you Laila - keep you forum family in order and don't forget to reef Freeda !

Best wishes and a hug



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