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19th May 2013, 14:41
Hi all as rob always did the growing etc bit stumped today.i have got a beautiful pink/white magnolia plant.i am going to put it in a fancy tub butuntil i decide where to plant it in the gardenbut am completely at a loss as it has some sort of netting around the root.do i cut this off or not.am feeling foolish as this is stuff i am going to have to learn but would really appreciate some guidance.also runner beans from seed how do i do them.lots of love.caroline xxx :confused:

19th May 2013, 15:47
Hi there green fingers

First dig a hole larger than the plant and fill the void with general all purpose compost.
Cut the net and discard .
Loosen gently some of the root structure.
Plant the magnolia , firming down the soil and water well

I would plant in sun or partial shade

Feed well frequently

Others may have certain tips but I find they look after themselves when established

Runner beans grow from seed quite easily up a net or canes n the sun - water well



19th May 2013, 17:51
Hi Rory,
Could you not provide the hole instead of expecting poor Caz to dig one?


19th May 2013, 18:11

I have a hole for a Camelia -would that do ? I can deliver by DHL ( Digging Holes Larger)

Rory Titmarsh

19th May 2013, 18:28
Hi john and rory you boys are naughty arent you! Off to the naughty step you go lol.well i dug the hole and planted it so fingers crossed.i even mowed the lawn and used the strimmer always used to be robs domain.its been lovely and sunny this afternoon here.my daughter helped me assemble a planter -what a palava half the screws were rubbish.in the end my son couldnt stand it any more and finished the job for us! Right now im going to make a roast chicken dinner and sit at the table to eat it.today hasbeen a good day makes up for the horrible week ive had crying and feeling lost.the sun must come out more often.thanks for your wondeful jovial help as ive come to expect.lots of love.caroline xxx

19th May 2013, 19:29
Hi Caroline

I forgot to mention I have just had delivered a hole for your stuffing if the chicken has not got one.
Some chickens are sold without holes for stuffing at discount


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