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22nd May 2013, 23:12
I was watching the royal Chelsea garden show on TV, when a garden name being reviewed showed up as "Motor Neurone Disease Hebridean weavers garden" . Doing a search for that on the internet I also came up with a reference to a Stephen Hawking garden. There didn't appear to be much info on MND other than a weblink to the MNDA website. I felt a bit disappointed as on the TV show there was no mention of MND other than the very brief text that came up. The website info on MND isnt brilliant in my opinion!!!. Any body have more info on that?


http://http://www.rhs.org.uk/Shows-Events/RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show/2013/Gardens/Garden-directory/Motor-Neurone-Disease-–-A-Hebridean-Weaver’s-Garde (http://www.rhs.org.uk/Shows-Events/RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show/2013/Gardens/Garden-directory/Motor-Neurone-Disease-–-A-Hebridean-Weaver’s-Garde)


23rd May 2013, 09:13
Hi Carol,

You're right! We did have a garden at Chelsea and it won gold on Tuesday.

It was part designed by Association founder Martin Anderson. There are a few bits and pieces about it on our website, which you can see here:


You're right that it was on TV a few times, but there wasn't huge emphasis on MND. You can still vote for the garden in the People's Choice Aware though at: http://www.rhs.org.uk/Shows-Events/RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show/2013/Gardens/People-s-Choice

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


23rd May 2013, 09:56
Morning Carol,

Like yourself having looked at the MNDA garden exhibit, I am wondering just where the relevance is to MND ,as from the blurb given its about bringing awareness to the plight of Harris tweed makers !! ,just what that has to do with motor neurone escapes me to be honest, but I look forward to hearing all the positive feedback from all the time, money and publicity gained from the venture , given that it was awarded a Gold medal ,perhaps Andrew can tell us how that makes in roads regarding research into the disease that's killing us all. Just my way of seeing things ,I will look forward to your views if I am missing the point .

23rd May 2013, 10:08
Hi all,

I believe any form of publicity that brings awareness of MND to the wider public is beneficial. As Andrew states there is a peoples vote which closes on Friday. It is an online process which takes seconds (or maybe minutes if you are like me and slow at typing). I have voted for "our garden" and who knows, if it wins then we may get a higher profile.

Best wishes

23rd May 2013, 10:34
Hi all,

The cost of the creation of our Chelsea garden was covered by the generosity of five sponsors and did not cost the Association any money. It was co-created by one of our founders Martin Anderson, who used the opportunity to raise awareness of the disease. We're grateful for all his hard work and winning a gold medal gave the disease even more publicity on BBC television, radio and across the web. Who knows, we may even win the People’s Choice Award later this week!

Best wishes,


23rd May 2013, 10:40
I agree any form of awareness is positive,a program on TV this week highlighted the plight of MND sufferer and carer you can watch it
On catchup TV called Frankie.As far as funds go anything that can help Palliative care would be good,I see the Israel company are conducting
trials their and states so if approved we might see it here in 10 years.Cant help feeling the rip off drug Riluzole at 400 Quid a month would be better spent on superior care in the home,I do have confidence in the placebo effect of drugs but I think that is the only benefit.when I think
Of 400 x 5ooo x 52 comes to a substantial figure might really benefit people who really need outside care since the system is so stretched.


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