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26th May 2013, 13:55
Memorial Day Weekend here in the US.

A lot of American Flags flying. This weekend we honor our all of our Soldiers, the past and present. The brave souls that served us courageously and gave us everything including their lives in the name of Freedom. A day we spend with family & friends, lots of barbeques of hamburgers and hot dogs, beer and wine and good times, in their honor :)

I mention this, because thoughts go out to your Soldier who was killed in that horrific act. May he too be honored and remembered.


26th May 2013, 14:36
Hi CC,
Lee Rigby was stationed at Catterick Garrison, the largest garrison in Britain 2 years ago. The garrison has organised a sponsored walk in his memory today which will walk from the garrison to nearby Richmond town. The money raised is to be donated to the fund for his family. Hopefully the weather will be kind and the event will be well supported. A pity his killers couldn't be hung in Richmond market place as they so deserve. Callous cowards.


26th May 2013, 15:32
Hi CC,

My thoughts always become overwhelming when I hear of young heros loosing their lives.I often think of them when I
selfishly think of my situation. It makes me grateful that I can spend another day with my Family and friends.

Bless all the fallen heros..


26th May 2013, 16:32
Sooo agree Roy!

Do hope your young handsome Soldier Lee Rigby is well remembered in his walk today. Prayers for his family for strength to carry on from such a senseless act of violence.

Agree John, but hope the bastards meet the same end they bestowed on him, would be the only form of justice they deserve.


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