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1st June 2013, 11:52
Hi everyone, Eddy has been using the Nippy 3 for nearly a year. He has always used some form of padding across the bridge of his nose, but for some reason this does not seem to be working as well and his nose and side of his nose are getting very sore and red. Would be grateful for any tips on what you are using to help combat this. Hope you are all having a good day. many thanks. Diane

1st June 2013, 17:01
I'm sure you have thought of this but how about a vaseline barrier with a cotton wool bridge to raise the padding up a bit, and there are those plasters for blisters that protect the skin without hurting it, I think they are called Compeed and they now come in different sizes.
The skin is so sensitive it is hard to protect it, I'm sorry.
Maybe going to the chemist and asking the pharmacist they always have good ideas

1st June 2013, 17:07
Hi Debbie, thank you so much for your reply, I am sure you have so many things on your mind at this time. We have only used foam make up pads which seemed to work okay, but in the last few days Ed's bridge of his nose is very sore. I will definitely try the vaseline and cotton wool, and check out the Compeed. You have been in my thoughts over the last few days. Love Diane

1st June 2013, 17:08
Hi rob used duoderm extra thin plasters.hospice hadnt heard of it but did get it and it stopped rob getting sore nose.it comes in various sizes as k for largest andcut it to shape.they now reccomend it for other patients and i think i was told about it on this forum last year.hope this helps.oh yes and carers put cavilon cream which is meant tostoppressure sores and that really helped as well.got it on prescription from doctors .lots of love .caroline xx

1st June 2013, 17:31
Dear Caroline, I had not heard of duoderm I will have a go at getting them, our GP is very good and usually gives us a prescription for anything we need. I have just read your post about your diy. Ed is unable to do much his MND is respiratory onset so although he has mobility, his breathing does not allow him to hardly walk or do much at all, so like you I have learnt lots of new skills. I am sure Rob would have been very proud of you, I have not dared get the drill out yet. Thinking of you. Love Diane

2nd June 2013, 15:24
ask for a nasal tips mask, much more comfy

2nd June 2013, 20:09
Dear Diane, thanks for your lovely reply, it's so hard now for us, but I think for you Wooz's idea is a great one, hope you get that asap.

3rd June 2013, 12:52

We are using Primapore padding which we get from the district nurse, or you can buy from chemist. I usually cut it into strips and cut the corners off so it does not poke into eyes when it is stuck to nose. These are slightly padded and stick to skin so don't move when mask does. :-)



3rd June 2013, 16:15
Thanks Kiran our community matron is in tomorrow and I will ask her. Hope it's a good day. Love diane

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