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12th June 2013, 13:33

My Dad, Harry, passed away from MND a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, it is a hard time for us all but my mother is keeping herself busy by trying to empty the house of medical 'stuff'. The huge number of mobility aids and wheelchairs have gone but we are left with the stairlift. It cost several thousand pounds about 18 months ago but the company that installed it have offered 150 for it (including removal). it is a good one (ThyssenKrupp Flow 2). They would presumably then charge a lot for it once reconditioned. It isn't the money but it does seem a bit mean to only offer that for it!

My mum isn't bothered about the money and just wants to get on with remembering my Dad before he was ill. She isn't rich though so wanted to see if anyone had ever looked at this before.

Thank you for any suggestions!


12th June 2013, 16:59
Hi Art,

Its like a used car my friend ,it's the best thing going when it's being sold to you, but when you come to sell it , It was the worst car ever built , so no surprise there, much the same with Disability stuff, costs a fortune ,and we all knows it's a rip off ,but you need things and they know it, I would suggest you try MNDA connect first they will know of anyone who may want one , if that fails always eBay or the like , I think the derisory figure offered to you is an insult but , that's how they make money these days!!, do hope you manage to sell it and recover at least some money to help your mother.


16th June 2013, 08:16
MNDA Merseyside have just retweeted about a stairlift recycling scheme......not sure if that is any use at all.....?

16th June 2013, 10:12
It probably isn't as thinking about it as it's a charity thing rather than being paid for it......still it might be of interest to someone else :)

19th June 2013, 17:05
Thank you Pete and Cookewitch. It really wasn't the money and we would happily have given it away free to someone who needed it (which we did with the electric wheelchair). Really appreciate your replies.

After quite a lot of investigation, it really wouldn't be worth anyone taking it as the expensive bit was the actual rail (which had to be custom made) and not the chair. Sure, someone will make a tidy profit once it has been reconditioned but it would have been very difficult / expensive for another person living with MND to take it and have it installed - they may as well get a new one.

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