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26th June 2013, 21:48
I live in Scotland so don't know if different to rest of UK, but applied for DLA with help from MND Scotland advisor. Just got my letter back and what a surprise !!!! I qualify for the lowest level of DLA. What a joke . So I am now starting the fight for my rights and what else im entitled to, somehow. First port of call will be MND Scotland I guess, Oh the joys. Carol

26th June 2013, 22:12
Hi Carol,

Yep that's a bummer,did the same my MND nurse did a brilliant job of filling the forms in to get the same result, like you challenged
the decision and eventually got full back dated.If I had taken Pete's good advice and requested the holy grail of a documents the
Ds1500 from GP or Neuro,still can't understand why this is not given at the point of diagnosis since they cannot offer any treatment.
Still that's another issue,point is without full DLA deprives of other necessities ie parking badge and the like.
I remember feeling gutted when I had the same, in fact much the same as when failed my 1st driving test.
There are many a rant on this topic,now I see the chuckle brothers have decided not to pay welfare to
People who are unable to speak English wonder if they will apply to me when I can no longer speak.
That's better,had a good day in the sunshine.

Roy :-) chin chin

26th June 2013, 23:15
Hi Roy,

Yep looks like the chuckle twins are doing a grand job on welfare cuts. Jolly good show to them. Thanks for info on DS1500, time to talk to my GP


27th June 2013, 08:37
Carol, as Roy says ask for a DS1500 from your GP or Specialist also get in touch with your MND Regional Care Development Advisor, ours, Kathy James helped us with the paperwork when Mic was told he only qualified for the lowest rate DLA. Good luck. Cath

27th June 2013, 09:04
Aaah the elusive DS1500.....that is the very form my GP refuses point blank to complete.....good luck....hope you have a better GP than my Dad!

24th July 2013, 16:09
Hi there,
I asked for the elusive form and my doctor wouldn't give it and even read up on it and I know they only give those out when you have six months or less and that is what was in the info in the book with the forms in, so be aware these are rare as my doctor had never given one out and didn't know about when to issue them.


24th July 2013, 16:22
Hi pete.how are doing.nice to see you on the forum again.havent forgotten the help you gave me last year helping rob. Carol our dr also refused to give rob ds1500 but the hospice dr had no qualms whatsoever.without it the insurance firm wouldnt release robs pension and even after we sent it they asked for another letter from a dr.they wasted so much precious time the money came through a week after rob died and we could have built a wet room and givenhim some dignity.try your specialist again.lots of love.caroline xxx

24th July 2013, 21:39

You may find this link helpful in particular the BHAS pdf file, which gives examples of how to fill in the form. I was advised to take the worst day and complete everything to tiny detail.

You may wish to look at the Disability Rights handbook 2013 from the Radar shop.....It's basically the guide used by CAB and Benefit advisors.

Good luck


24th July 2013, 21:43

This also might be worth a look ?

30th July 2013, 23:09
Hi Carol.
Your consultant should give you your DS1500.
Mine did one for me as soon as I asked and I got the highest DLA straight away.

I had asked my GP the week before and his reaction was as though i'd taken a dump on his desk. I got the feeling that he thought I was the biggest scally he had meet.
I had told him that it was for my pension release, that I was entitled to after 25 years service, but because I was continuing working, he thought I was 'out of order' claiming it on ill health.
I now see a different GP, and the old one got a severe verbal spanking, both from my wife and his superior partner.

It's your right to the DS1500 and all the help it gives you.
My way of thinking with this disease is to get things sorted before you need it; unfortunatly we know the future and the things we will need to make it easier.

31st July 2013, 22:01
Hi Roy
With your 'bottom complaint' , you could set up a wind farm and obtain some tax benefit eh ?

26th March 2014, 20:30
Hi Laila, me too, awarded lowest DLA, the reason given was, I cannot prepare and cook a meal for myself, obviously dis-regarding all other problems that we struggle to do, its a joke

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