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11th March 2011, 23:32
Don't know if anyone can help. Trying to find something that will turn my mum over from side to side when in bed as she can't move her legs and is sleeping badly. Will be buying a new bed soon as she will be moving downstairs and her current one is too high so any information would tie in well with this.


12th March 2011, 14:48
Hello Pepsi,

Speak with your mum's Occupational Therapists straight away. Depending on funding she should be entitled to a Profile Bed and help to move in bed.

If not try Laybrook.com

Best of luck

12th March 2011, 16:55
hello Pepsi,
A good port of call is your district nurse,they can authorise a hospital bed and also individual slide sheets.

Jacqui Priestley
12th March 2011, 18:43
Also consider bedding & nightware - silky fabrics are easier for turning than, say, brushed cotton.

12th March 2011, 19:48
Hi Pepsi

I have the same problem in bed. My district nurse ordered me a profileing bed from our local Hospital Equipment Services. It was delivered in about a week. To help me turn myself the nurse ordered a "Monkey pole" which is a very strong steel pole that drops into a socket at the back of the bed and extends over the top end of the bed. There is an adjustable handgrip hanging from that and I can grab it with both hands and lift myself a little and turn in bed. It is also a great help in rotating myself from lying to sitting on the edg of the bed. It comes with a good mattress as well. The head and foot are adjustable, the bed can be sloped so the head is higher or lower, also the height of the whole bed can be adjusted to make getting off it easier. All adjustable by elecricity with battery backup in case of power failure. A brilliant bit of kit. There are also side rails and I have one fitted as it gives me something else to grab hold of to move around during the night


24th March 2011, 08:59
Hi pepsi
get your mums mnd nurse involved she will get intouch with the ot and they should be able to help .. they get profiling beds slings hoists all things you may need at a later date .. if the ot is anything like ours she will move mountains good luck and much love

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