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2nd July 2013, 15:15
My dad has just been prescribed Hyoscine transdermal patches but we've been notified that they are no longer being produced as patches only as a 'chewable' tablet. We're going to get these to see how we get on but with dad's eating, chewing and swallowing problems I'm not sure if they'll be any use.

Does anyone else use anything they could recommend for 'thin runny saliva'...? Ideally something that's either liquid or patch form?

2nd July 2013, 16:34
Hi CW,

Kwells anti sickness tablets have the same ingredient as the patches, and small either chew or let dissolve in the mouth, hope that's of some use.

2nd July 2013, 18:24
That's great thank you, it's Kwells that the pharmacy have sent so hopefully they'll do the trick :)

4th July 2013, 19:15
After trying a lot of different medications, I found glycopyrronium worked best for me. But after several months I noticed the saliva had decreased even without any medication and now i take nothing. It has not cleared up completely but is not so bad. I am still keeping the tissue industry in business!!

5th July 2013, 08:11
My wife has ALS and has been prescribed Scopoderm patches, 2 per 72 hrs. These help to reduce salivation, but I am told that Botox injections into the salivary glands are effective. Does anyone have experience of this treatment?

5th July 2013, 09:04
Hi Flametrap and welcome to the forum. My wife used to have Botox injections which did slow the amount of saliva for a time. They seemed to last about 3 months before needing a repeat injection. Rory who posts on here has them so will be able to give first hand experience.


5th July 2013, 19:36

Like Miranda I take the glycoporonium but I was advised recently to take it via injection into the stomach - that way it has an immediate effect and lasts 4 to 5 hours. The Botox has helped as well . Permanent cheeky grin now and male modelling career has taken off !


6th July 2013, 10:31
Thank you John and Rory. I will now get onto my wife's doctors and see what they say.

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