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3rd July 2013, 13:01
I support a lady who suffers from MND. She gets very uncomfortable on the air matress ,the district nurses gave her. She wants to try a Tempur 2" matress topper but is not sure whether it will work. The prices also vary from 80 - 400. Anyone tried one or know of a company that will let us trial it before she buys it?

3rd July 2013, 14:54
It could depend on how much movement she has, can she change position during the night?
I switched from a Tempur topper to an air mattress as it was starting to give me pressure sores. I can't move to change to a better position. The first air mattress I tried was not weight adjustable and was uncomfortable as I'm light (<50kg), subsequently got another which is adjustable for weight and how often the air is recirculated. It is very comfortable and I'm very happy with this one.
Yet more proof that we are all different!

3rd July 2013, 17:44
Welcome to the forum Leanna;
I don't have an air mattress but my District nurse did provide me with a topper. As Ellie says, it depends a bit on how much movement she has. Topper and memory foam mattresses make it harder to move around in bed.
I would get the district nurse back and see if she can help any more, possibly with one with adjustable weight.
Best wishes, Terry

3rd July 2013, 20:36
Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately she has no movement and needs to be repositioned at least every 10 min. She weights about 6 stone. She did have a mattress that alternates the air but found the air rippling through too distracting. Do you have a name for the weight mattress? We'v had the tissue viability nurse in, but she seems lost as well.
Thanx Leanna

4th July 2013, 12:20
Hi Leanna,
My mattress is a Meditec pro 2000XT . The company gave me one to try for a fortnight and then my local (Irish) MNDA generously organised one for me, as my health service area only had the standard mattress.
I found a huge difference between the two mattresses and set for my weight, I don't feel the air rippling through the mattress.
I hope that the lady finds a good comfy mattress.
ps. I don't need to be repositioned as the mattress does such a good job preventing pressure sores and I'm thin with no padding!

4th July 2013, 18:24
for my experience....
we have some memory foam 5" mattresses and this one is our second.
for my and my wife is enough and very comfy but this is one cheap both on ebay and from my knowledge ( 7y on mattress selling business ) every memory one need replacement every 2y cos he be losing his stability.
so my conclusion...... try first cheap one then after when You thing you have enough in you wallet bay some more expensive but still be peeper to change him every 2-3y time

8th August 2018, 22:59
Hi Ellie

My mum is currently using an air mattress called SOFTFORM PREMIER ACTIVE 2 which seems to be alternating as well when I have seen the video description. She stills need people to turn her over to each side every now and then. I was wondering if Pro2000xt has more advantage over it.


9th August 2018, 12:36
Hi Tomy,

The Pro2000 mattress is just air - no foam like your mum's has.

The Pro2000XT has 2 layers of air cells - the bottom layer of cells stay inflated continuously, while the top layer of cells alternate air at an interval best suited to the user. It can be set to alternate every 30 seconds to every 5 minutes in 30 second increments (90 seconds suits me best) and the firmness can be tailored according to the user's weight (your mum's mattress has a few pressure settings, but the top foam layer remains the same)

The difference is that I sleep on air and your mum sleeps on foam which moves under her, if her mattress has the air pump switched on.

Her mattress is good Tomy, but it may not be comfortable enough. I guess the question is; does your mum know why she feels the need to turn over? That's often hard to pinpoint!!

Hope this info helps.

Love Ellie.

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