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5th July 2013, 15:03
Hi All

Being one of the few Americans here, thought I would share our very patriotic holiday The 4th of July with you. Also known as Independence Day, when we parted ways from Great Britain. Have to say, break ups are hard, but at least we still remained friends J lol

Known mostly here as a National Holiday of picnics, barbeques, family, and friends, with millions of American Flags flying, along with lots and lots of Fireworks!, and lots and lots of booze! Lol Of course my hometown, New York City has to be a star, and go over the top as usual putting on a fantastic breathtaking firework show in the harbor in front of the Statue of Liberty. It can be seen from New Jersey to Long Island! The fireworks are actually coordinated and in sync to music! I’m thinking maybe you guys have it televised there? It really is spectacular.

For me and mine this holiday was always spent at my most dearest beloved friends home. Good food,
good fun, good times! When it would finally get dark out, and the mosquitoes came out to eat us alive, that would be the time for hubby’s own firework show! Yes, the bombs, the booms, the explosions, the colors and the noise. Honestly, fireworks are not my thing, always made me a bit nervous. For me, I only like the colorful pretty fireworks, the sparklers being my favorite, sad but true lol and can definitely do without the noise. Being the practical one, always made sure I was somewhere close to the hose just in case someone or something needed to be put out!

Thankfully no one ever lost any fingers or toes, but had a few close calls thru the years. I think the worst one was when hubby was pretty drunk, and lit the fuse on a Cannon Ball Firework. This firework shoots out large fat colorful fireballs high into the sky, very rapidly one after another. After lighting the fuse he accidentally tipped it over, and instead of the fireballs shooting up into the sky, they shot out at us, his audience!! Needless to say, all hell broke loose, and it was literally every, man, woman, and child for himself! Running, ducking, and hiding for cover! 30 fireballs coming at us in every direction non stop! Crazy scary!, When it was over, and everyone still had their body parts!, we had another round of much needed drinks, and a good laugh! Despite the words ’Holy S--t!’ being used a lot Lol Poor hubby… I haven’t seen a Cannon Ball firework in years.

This year’s celebration more bittersweet, (more like a good cry needed) had it at my home for the first time. It was very hard watching my dear friend having so much difficulty doing the simple things that were always so easy. We wanted to make it the best 4th of July ever for her, since she had always given me and my family such wonderful happy memories on this day for so many years. As we watched the fireworks last night, I sat close to my best friend in the whole world, silently praying there will be many more 4th of July celebrations for us to share together.


5th July 2013, 17:14
Hi CC, It sounds a wonderful family day. Like you I hope that you have many to share with your best friend but I am sure whatever happens this one will be special. Thank you so much for sharing this. You are a lovely best friend to have. Take care and hope you are all having a good day. Diane

5th July 2013, 19:39
Hi cc,

Wishing you and your best friend,families and dogs the very best of days.

Roy xxx

5th July 2013, 20:26
Thank you for that lovely post which contained so many emotions'! Not the sort of motion that Roy is used to !
You are truly a great friend to have in support - as you say , I hope there are many days to enjoy


6th July 2013, 04:09
Thanks for your kind words :)

6th July 2013, 08:58
Hi CC,
Belated good wishes for the festivities.
Read your old adage and don't worry about tomorrow. Whatever it brings you can deal with then. Don't let it cloud the rest of your time together.
I am sure you won't and hopefully there will be many good times adding to your stock of shared memories. Have a good day .


6th July 2013, 13:06
Oh your so right John! Thanks for reminding me to read that! lol Because I do know it's true, just have to remind my breaking heart...


8th July 2013, 22:14
It was lovely to read your post, I almost felt I was there among the whizz bangs!! I too like sparklers the best...I've only just progressed to not wearing gloves!!! We say cheers over here when we raise our glasses, but we can also say things like 'bottoms up' I'm sure if Roy and Rory ever met over a pint that's what they would say!!!
We never know what tomorrow brings, so you are right to treasure every day and make sure you are living for the moments, because you can look back with happiness, you are indeed a wonderful friend, so keep on making those memories and keep on being the best friend that you are....and keep on posting, your posts always cheer me up
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXDebbiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx and a great big hug for luck!

9th July 2013, 00:55
Awww that's so sweet of you to say Debbie, thanks :) We say 'Cheers' & 'bottoms up' here as well !! 'Cheers' being the most popular. Being Italian I grew up toasting 'Cent Anni' basically meaning may we all live for 100 years! But, haven't heard 'whizz bangs' before LOL I'm guessing a firework!

Will keep posting for sure can't leave my wonderful English forum family friends! :)

CC xxx

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