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10th July 2013, 12:41
Hello all! I'm trying to organise a level access bathroom for my father and wondered whether anyone can recommend someone who can help plan and supply everything? (We are in London). Thank you in advance.

10th July 2013, 16:25

We are doing this plus and extension at the moment. My GP recommended a really good architect who has done a fair bit of work for clients with disabilities and by coincidence, his wife is a Physio on the palliative care team looking after John and she and the OT are working with him to make sure it's suitable for his needs.
He's project managing everything too so he can choose the builders, plumbers etc.

Possibly not much help to you as he's in Dorset, but maybe a good start to speak to a couple of architects or try the Local Authority OT Department for localised advice.


10th July 2013, 19:08
Hi honey,

The same as Wendy just had one installed through OT, like Wendy advised in your local area this could a good start for recommended
architects, builders ect as they have specialists for this type of adaption.

Best wishes.


11th July 2013, 15:49
Thank you Smudge and Roy. We dont have a palliative care team nor an allocated OT at present. The OT who did the initial assessment for the DFG over a year ago has now passed the file over to Private Housing Services and has closed the case on his end. Because we also need to have an extension built we have had to opt for the council's 'Self Funded Scheme' and now the Private Housing Services said they cannot recommend any builders/architects etc due to "Conflict of Interest"!!

11th July 2013, 22:21
Our local authority OT has been worse than useless and so incompetent that her actions mean not only will we not get DFG, but we can't get help anywhere else because we've now had to start the work because we can't wait for anymore delays.
You could either try a couple of local architects, or go straight to some builders/plumbers to see what they can suggest.
Our extension is within permitted development so no need for planning permission.
Our Palliative care team is part of the local Macmillan Unit where John's Neuro Surgeon has set up brilliant links and they all work closely together to support us & the OT from there is brilliant.
Try asking people locally who have had building work done if they would recommend their contractors - it's a good starting point.

23rd July 2013, 13:08
Thank you for your input Smudge. So the OT from the Palliative Care team is different to the social services one? I'll try and find out more about this. Dad saw someone from the PCT yesterday but i didnt realise i could mention trouble with adaptions to her. I'll try and get back in touch with PCT then and see what they say. Thanks you for the tips. :)

23rd July 2013, 16:42
We had to involve the Local Authority OT as they are the ones that decide on the DFG aspect. Their total incompetence has meant that I have to fund the entire project myself and they are now aware that if they contact me again I won't be very friendly!
The palliative care OT is working with the architect to make sure the finished work is exactly what John needs and is brilliant

Wendy x

23rd July 2013, 17:13
Hi wendy sounds so familiar.i personally believe they see the diagnosis and play every delay tactic possible considering the sad time prognosis.after kicking up a stink with my local mp he demanded a timeline on their decisions.shockingly after a visit by the council and local ot social services it tookher THREE MONTHS to send a letter saying to the council go ahead.then only after i repeatedly phoned another 3 months went by.obviously the council ground to a halt for a month over xmas then the day after rob died in feb they rang up and said they could start work!!!! Bloody disgraceful isnt it.so my advice to anyone if you have the money do it if not ring them and your mp every single week until they show some compassion.wish id hassled them more .love caroline xxxx

24th July 2013, 17:41
I would talk your trade plumbing supplier they should have hundreds of plumbing and heating engineers, one of whom they could recommend to you.
Luckily we had an extension built just before I retired and we had a wet room installed at the same time, I had just done an exhibition in London and whilst waking to our stand each day I passed a stand that had all bathroom stuff on including a cardboard box half full of water! when I had a bit of free time I wandered up to the stand and asked them what was the idea behind the cardboard box, they then told me they came from Denmark, and Denmark every wet room has to certified by the local council, they then showed me the cardboard box, and the coating which had made the box waterproof, this was the same coating they use on wet room walls, they also supply the wall primer, sealing tapes for corners, and the floor drain, which is amazing as it all comes apart to enable cleaning of the drain.
If you would like details of the company who have suppliers in the UK, I will give it to you.


28th July 2013, 18:08
Hi Koolsilver could you please send me the details please

19th August 2013, 09:53
These are the products we used to seal the walls and floors
you can download PDF files from here
You would also sealing tapes for the corners.

19th August 2013, 12:02
Hi hunky

We are having a wet room built for my husband Robert. Our architect and OH worked together to design the room. My brother in law is our builder so this has been a bit of a different project for him and his boys. When the time comes for Robert to have carers to help him shower we will put in screens and hopefully an all singing all dancing loo. Robert wanted the wet room to look as normal as possible and I think we will achieve that.

It will be so nice to know that he can shower safely. Can't wait for it to be finished.



17th September 2013, 19:55
HI all, I am now needing a floor level shower and i contacted my local council OT who is an amazing woman and she was on it straight away,the council sent out a surveyor who was the most negative and argumentative i've ever met,everything was wrong according to him like the shower was to small and the lights were wrong and the tile flooring would be difficult to get up, all those jobs are what i did, i asked him did he possess a tape measure,before he decided that things were to small and in the end i had 5" spare all round in the shower, he did not want to be bothered, i told him to p*ss off and don't come back, the following day a lady came out to assess my finances and told me i would have to contribute 1,865 toward the cost,i said if i'm paying that much i shall be overseeing the project and i want a clause in the contract to make sure they start and finish on the dates they agree.
I'm goin to love it.


27th September 2013, 18:14
We have been going through this battle for seven months. How many times have I read on this forum that the patient died either before completion of the wet room or just after. When will the local councils realise that speed is essential for MND sufferers if they are to have any quality of life. Maybe they know that and that's why they delay. It makes me ashamed to be British.

27th September 2013, 18:59
speak to the mnda as I know they can supply a closomat toilet. Also try Contour Showers for the equipment, much nicer the typical white sterile equipment on the market! Also make sure the shower has good water pressure!

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