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10th July 2013, 19:45
Hi folks, Just want to tell you that we took possession of a Neata Eata today. It is a device to help people with physical disabilities remain independent in feeding themselves. Peter was assessed for it about six weeks ao and the LA have paid for it. Will keep you posted on our progress.


10th July 2013, 20:36
Hi Magic,

Took delivery of closamat today,can't wait to use it been waiting a long time,proberbly best not to give an update on that.one,
give Peter my very best.Would be interested in the neater eater my hands and arms are getting a challenge.

Best wishes


10th July 2013, 21:45
Evening roy.rob had a mobile arm support from oxford and until he fell andfractured his right shoulder,yes the one the arm support was made for it made a tremendous difference.he had some independence given back by being able to feed himself.it was referred by local hospice and ot and theycome to your house.it was brilliant.love as always caroline xxx

10th July 2013, 23:35
By golly you're brave Roy, posting about the closomat toilet within earshot of Rory...expect lots of 'below the belt' jokes forthwith!!!
all the best with it

11th July 2013, 05:26
Keeping up with the Magics Toy. Our Clos a Mat arrives on Monday and that should just about complete the east wing development! Only 13 weeks of upheaval. I hope to learn how to upload photos on messages nd show members pictures of these devices. Doubt there will be human models ith them.

20th July 2013, 21:10
Hi Magic,

My husband has been using the Neater Eater since September last year. With failing arm and hand strength it has maintained his independence and weight! Eating requires lots of concentration and it is takes time however he wouldn't be without it. Similar to Pete's recent post hubby was advised to have a PEG fitted some 2 years ago. He felt he was being pushed into a proceedure that wasn't yet necessary. He accepts it maybe required in the future however wants to put it off for as long as possible.

It's portable as well - ours has been to Arran and last week to Centre Parcs - he draws the line at taking it to restaurants - however it could be done!!
Hope it is of use Magic.:D

21st July 2013, 05:02
Pepper, good to hear Neata eater is so useful. Caution about PEG. Peter back 2 weeks from hospital and swallow has deteriorated. Coughing and choking are frightening. I am so pleased we have the PEG to fall back on. Probably not relevant but do not wait too long for procedure..


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