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14th July 2013, 18:19
Just wondered if anyone has experienced weird sensation like "water trickling" my dad who has MND diagnosed in May at which time was only given a few weeks, has said that he has a weird sensation it feels like water trickling between his groin and leg on the right side which is the side most affected by mnd. Has anyone else experienced such sensations and is it just another mnd symptom.

14th July 2013, 19:30
Hi Rebecca,

Firstly welcome but sorry you found yourself here, I'm am gob smacked to hear a so called professional giving
such a specific timescale he or she must be the only one in the world to be able to do so.
I too have weird sensations to leg and groin,I would describe as spasm,shaking and stiffness.
I have prescribed baclophen and quinine to help.

Best wishes to you and dad


14th July 2013, 20:11
Thanks Roy for your reply and your kind words. Yes I know and considering dad asked the consultant himself via his alphabet card when would he pass, his response dumbfounded us, luckily my sister, brother and I were in the room, as you can imagine those "few weeks" have been like waiting on a plane to crash, however I am not disappointed that the consultant was wrong and he is still here with us and making every day count. He is such a wonderful man and its a great shame that this horrible disease has its grip on him. Will speak to his GP regarding the bacłofen and quinnine as tonight he was convinced there was watering trickling down his leg, he even made me look and see. Thanks so much again Rebecca.

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