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15th July 2013, 14:12
Hi this is take me nearly a year to decide and make some deal but now.... all is done.
I was so shocked when some big and small companies from UK send me some quotation all between 5-8K for 9 windows and 2 franch door. When we want include some entry door this make +2k more.
so... OK... but when in my quotation say..."mechanically fixed
through-frame 7.5mm direct fix screws. Pointed externally with white
neutral cure silicone sealant"
....??? WTF... and that is all?... after some call ... yes just screws and silicon.........WTF again.................
in al Europe all installer know we have some wind in winter and silicon its not enough cos after some time they lousing his drought proof. In every where when I know all installation is made on expendable foam which is filled in gap between windows and wall then all of this should be properly plastered ans silicone sealed.
And another suprise was windows profile....Some company offered me triple chambered profile.......???Who supply this in UK..??? all EU using minimum 4 chambers profile.... someone use 7 whit some foam inside.....all used for Passive housing.
this was my another WTF when I asked for 5 chambers and all quotations come whit 3....WTF.....???
Ok when I head enough, I decided to send some asking in to EU supply and i was so surprised
when my first PROPER quotations come whit price tag 4.5K whit delivery and installation....included entry door.
And after some talk whit nice Lady and my Wife we decided to go ahead whit VECA PERFECTLINE frame and 3ple glazed units whit silvercoted glass and Argon gas.
Ok yes this was more expensive but still less then normal in UK factory. all cost us 6.5k.......( quotation in UK for Tilt and Turn in 3ple glazer was 12k+)

this is how this look like now....

but im more proud of my entry door cos when I found our door have just 800mm headroom and this can be bigger..... we make our side panell opened and now we have 800-1200mm...YUPPIE... and this look excelent...


now....just....... WINTER WE ARE READY....

15th July 2013, 16:29
Hi Max,
All looks pretty good to me. Hope it keeps the heat out as well as in. No surprise on prices. I have a property abroad and I pay out there the same amount or less in euros as I know I would pay in pounds in the uk. We have a lot of greedy people. They are not all working for banks . The same with taxes. My council tax here is 1800 plus. Abroad I pay €500 and for a similar size property in a capital city where the roads are washed daily, bins are mptied 3 times a week and roads are properly maintained.
Don't know why I live here!


15th July 2013, 17:23
yes John You a right but problem here what I found is Cowboys people.
I couldn't understand why some people think we are stupid and i cant believed when some big name send me this quotation..
all prices here is sky-high and quality should be same high.no peeing gold price for plastic box. so why they treat his customer like golem?
we have some brain and ok sometime English is not our first language but still we can use hem.
This time my old window was just 6yold and rubbish cos some goof decide to make some saving on his customer. Now is time to make some proper one.
when anyone need... im more then happy to give a help.

15th July 2013, 17:55
Hi Max,

People like Everest amaze me. They claim 35 or 40% off but there stuff is so ridiculously priced in the first place no wonder they can be generous with discounts. Good to hear from you. Not seen you posting for a while.


15th July 2013, 17:57
Good to hear from you Max;
It is nice to hear of someone happy with the work that has been done and it does look nice. Where is the wheelchair ramp.
Love to you all, Terry

15th July 2013, 20:05
Hi Terry.. ramp.... Im highly resistant for thus staff.... jet...but dont know how long...

hehhehe when I asked Safe Style about biger discount they shown me price for my set from Anglia 21k Everest 18k and they offer was 6.5k.....hehehe
we call this i EU Balloon prices .... method is one... our real price *3 and 70% for customer discount..... this price look better. ;-)

16th July 2013, 09:58
Hi Max,

Your door and windows look good. Like you we have recently had some building work done. Wet room and wider doors. I hope you are aware that you can avoid paying the VAT when people like you and me are disabled. I don't believe that you can claim exemption on the windows but if your new door improves access for a wheelchair then you should be able to claim. There is a form that can bee downloaded from the government website.

Best wishes

16th July 2013, 11:46
yep You right we have some improvement cos in first our entry have just 80cm wide and now we have 80cm to 120cm cos this side panel are opened.
Tax.....hem.... we keep all our Tax cos we have tax free windows and door.
and this is not cos im disabled :-) in some part of EU in bad economic time like now government removed VAT for home improvement

16th July 2013, 16:09
Hi Max,

hope you are ok ,The windows and doors look very nice, just shows what you can get ,when you are willing to shop around, The usual ads for double glazing here are at best a laugh ,and as John said no wonder big discounts are offered ,and still the prices quoted are just plain stupid,no denying the quality of the leaders ,but you have proved you can get really good gear at a fraction of the cost in the UK, the same old problem as ever ,these companies will learn that ripping folk off really don't pay in the long run.


16th July 2013, 17:54
Hi max and pete.im having bay window andbathroom window replaced by localfirm.has that gas stuff in as well quoted 1800 so i think thats okay.only get getwidows pensionfor one year so am using it to better the house and hopefully bring leccy bills down .mind you son has just moved out and katy and i only use ten pounds a week so we think we know where major drainage was coming from bless him lol!and theres still food in the fridge yikes !!!!! Been busy taking up laminate flooring and using cordless drill but am going to be stumped about putting a blind up inthe bathroom.will have to call on my sisters bodgit and scarper to help.lots of love as always carolinexxx

16th July 2013, 19:19
Hello Caz,
Well good as ever to hear from you , If you can tackle taking up laminate flooring ,The blind is well within your capabilities , been much the same with the bride this end seeing her wielding a hammer is enough for me the drill is locked away for now !!!, Not that it is my trade, but I think your quote isn't far out in today's prices ,and yes kids are treasures to have around but know what your saying , and if you resort to getting the sisters around, be the the Gaffa and delegate all the difficult jobs to them showing you have complete faith in them ?.


17th July 2013, 15:05
yuppie Building Control was more then happy whit our windows...... now we just need to wait for certificates. and he LOVED our entry double opened doors ....so we are ready to help another people in need when he need a new windows or door.

18th July 2013, 12:31
I have worked in window sales most of my life, I ended up selling American and Canadian windows to rich and famous.
But with the uPVC industry they are all struggling at the moment, so you should be able to get a good deal, do not tell them what your budget is, its so easy for the to extract this information, just tell them you have a budget for windows and if their quote does not come within that budget they will not get the order if it does then they can have the order, this works because I had Anglian windows and his first price was way off and after he gave me his relations discount it came well within my budget, they later came back to quote for the Facia and Soffets and the same thing happened, so all our windows and doors are done and so is the Facia and Soffit's.
Depending on your property if it is a conventional Brick build the window company should use Fisher Fixings, to secure the windows and doors.

If your property is timber framed the they should use non corrosive screw's to secure the windows and doors.

I would only use a company that has been around for at least 10 years, and of some repute, are they going to come out when you have an issue, due they have service engineers, or is just the fitter who did not do job correctly the first time.

If you have a larger budget then is much more choice than just uPVC there are several American window companies trading in the UK that sell wooden windows clad on exterior with aluminium, they also can supply bi Folding door Curved Patio and Bi Folding doors, available in all different wood species like Oak, Douglas Fir, Clear Pine, ext.


18th July 2013, 13:03
Max, you didn't ring him on the tele then ,you know,Ya buy one Ya get one free,Ya buy one, Ya get one free,Top banana,which he is,the irritating little punk.

18th July 2013, 13:10
Hi Kool,

My map of Buckinghamshire doesn't show a coast line. How did you manage your photo angle?


18th July 2013, 14:34
John just look on top of his pick around 2 o'clock and You be see US flags....

18th July 2013, 19:45
Hi Max,

Remember, any home adaptations necessary due to MND are VAT exempt, like Barry said.

Nice windows!

18th July 2013, 22:05
Hi koolsilver hope you can help with french door problem then as they were fitted couple months ago by local builder who does good work.when i lock the right one i have two use both arms to push it up to lock it.not with the left side.he said sometimes they can be a hardbit hard to start with but i dug out a can of robs maintenance spray to see if that would loosen something but no joy.any tips gratefully received.have sent him a text but hes not got back yet.it feels like something is stuck and the bottom slightly catches as well.many thanks .caroline xx

19th July 2013, 07:42
tx and I know and my job was tax free so cant do any more....

Caz can U can do some video whit this problem?? ore some picture?? i can ask my installer what's happen...

19th July 2013, 21:13
Thank you max what a lovely thing to do.had my bay window installed today and even though they didnt fit the door said they would fix it for me!there are so many kindhearted people on here and out there it restores some faith.lots of love .caroline xxx

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