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19th July 2013, 22:34
Hi everyone,
Peter has recovered from PEG procedure. His speech is slow and slurred. We had a communication aid assessment today and I am very impressed.. It was an initial assessment but impressed by:
Sensitivity of questions
Ability to lend an iPod
Promise to train Peter on 'pro loco' and to develop aid with him
Know this is how it should be but it was so brilliant to get the adequate service when Ai was a bit 'war weary'.
You have to read my rants and whinge a so thought that I would give credit where it is du. I know fm my work with disabled children that this level of service is difficult to get.


20th July 2013, 21:36
I'm still waiting for anything 'adequate' to happen....but then my dad doesn't help by not being honest with me or medical professionals so they leave with entirely the wrong impression....*sigh*

30th July 2013, 23:00
Hi Magic;
Let us know when it comes and what the software is like, etc.
Love Terry

31st July 2013, 22:51
Sounds good news Magic
I too have a forthcoming meeting to see what is on offer as the fingers don't want to type any more!they are only good for producing nail clippings !

31st July 2013, 23:08
Hi Rory;
If you have no fingers but have hands take a look at this, Zara you too have a look:-


Expensive ? worth it - maybe

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