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25th July 2013, 13:01
Rory was last logged on on 9th July, now I am worried and I'm sure I'm not the only one....Roy have you been missing those below the belt jokes? I hope he has been having the life of Riley with a skip of equipment and an entourage of helpers in some far away castle, but I'm afraid for the worst. Does anybody know? I hope the lovely Irene gets in touch at least.
hoping he's on holiday having champagne pumped through the PEG XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXDebbieXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

25th July 2013, 14:22
Hi Debs,

I suspect it's the latter, you know Rory, making sure he gets to do things while he can , Having said that Roy has been missing as have quite a few of the gang !!!, I have been wondering about so many who helped me when I needed advice and a laugh , Jonesy,Derek,Elle, Kate, June and quite a few more who I have not seen any posts from of late, you tend to think the worst, knowing the nature of this disease ,but I do hope it's unfounded. byway Debbie always good to hear from you


25th July 2013, 14:45
Hi Debbie and Pete, Im concerned too and missing Rory . Hope he's OK. Carol

25th July 2013, 15:08
Hi Carol,

I think Irene would have let us know if anything was amiss, I still think Rory being Rory is doing what he does best and enjoying life , well that's my hope and being a positive sort of guy until more news from the Banker prefer to think that he is enjoying himself, Roy's also quiet so just the same with him maybe just taking things easy ,certainly very quiet without them around is it not


27th July 2013, 13:25
Hi all, Rory looked in at 7am this morning!!! so we must wait til he tells us the next instalment of 'On the Road with Rory'..........

and you're right Pete there are those people who helped me and who haven't posted for a long time.............glad you have your stairlift though, hope it helps you a lot.
Carol, I have just read/skimmed through 'Fear' by Thich Nhat Nanh and I'm trying to be more mindful.........doesn't always work, but it's early days, and I think a glass of vino or a G and T makes me better at being mindful!!

I am waiting for the storm....decided to make beef casserole with cider instead of red wine, instead of bbq, hope storm isn't too bad...having my brother in law to dinner with some of my family tonight..........my boys are playing at Secret Garden Party and youngest daughter is with them....hope they don't get rained off!!!


27th July 2013, 17:25
Hi gang!
I have been on the naughty step after naming myn lovely specialist clinical nurse - Miss Whiplash! - she denies any wrong doing !

Caroline, Debbie, pete, Laila et al -

thanks for your message.

I am fine apart from the obvious!

The main issues at the moment are that I use the nippy mask all the time and it is hard to see what I type.

Also when I tilt my head forward , the dreaded saliva appears!

The right hand resembles a claw and the left is going that way fast , so typing is not easy

would you believe it , I even have trouble in operating the remote control - how cruel can this illness be eh ?

As with others on the forum , the mind is staying in good shape and remains positive - and I fit in as many laughs as I can

it is about time I put my mind to posting a few comments and shared a laugh with all my superb forum friends - and Roy of course !

love to all


27th July 2013, 17:50
Hi Rory, good to hear from you. The swimming pool has been drying up and the G&TS club relatively empty of late. Laila

27th July 2013, 19:07
Hi Rory,

Am I glad your back, it's been unbearable with your fans lost for words , So just to say it's good to know your ok ,well you know what I mean ,can empathise with the saliva issues matey all we need to know now is where is your sidekick Roy ,he has been AWOL too !!!


27th July 2013, 19:28
Let's then embrace the Boris Olympic legacy and fill our swimming pools with G&T - that would get the nation swimming !
Use a bottle of gin instead of a baton in the relays - there would be a more careful handover!
The long jump - replace sand with a large tank of G&T
Throwing the discus could be replaced by throwing the empties away!
Marathon running could be replaced by marathon drinking
Beach volleyball should become beach bar cocktails
Triathlon ? Well try anything with alcohol in it !

Just for tasters

Enjoy the weekend !


27th July 2013, 21:05
Lovely to hear from you Rory, I have missed your missives lately. X

27th July 2013, 21:11
Hi rory great to have you back xx regarding remote control rob had a system that was linked up to tv with favourites set which he control by tapping with his foot.he could have had other things ie recliner chair tuned to it but it helped enormously as he could watch what he wanted without having to ask someone else.ot arranged to get it done.rob wore his nippy all the time as well but i think there is an option of a nasal mask which doesnt cover the mouth ,worth askng resp nurse about that.ages ago rob showed me how to use onscreen keyboard so you only have to slightly move mouse with one finger to use it.it should be on one of my old posts.hope these ideas help.lots of love as always.caroline.xxx

27th July 2013, 21:33
Caroline is referring to her Thread “On screen keyboard tip” started on 3/4/12, by Caz.
It says:-
‘go on laptop/computer go into All programs; then Accessories; then Ease of access and finally Onscreen keyboard.
This then brings up an onscreen keyboard and you only have to slightly move mouse only and not use your fingers for typing. It’s really easy’
Not my words and I don’t know about ‘I Pad people’.
Worth get the speech therapist around and asking about other alternatives just in case you need it.
Good to hear from you Rory

28th July 2013, 17:42
Thanks for that Caz and Terry

I remember the post about the single control - so I will investigate - does it work for the lawnmower as well ? Not forgetting the swimming pool filter !

I do have a nasal mask but I cannot get used to it - it makes me sneeze,

which makes me bite my Tongue and lip

which then makes me go for the suction machine to clear the blood and mucus from my nose and mouth,

This leaves a nasty taste in the mouth, so I have a drink, and then this encourages more suction

, leading to breathlessness, which makes me put on the nasal mask again. - and then the process starts again!

All this activity promotes me to commence farting which seems infectious as the missus starts letting rip !

This anxiety and mayhem means a quick dash in the wheelchair in the now thickening smog, to the loo before all hell breaks loose !

In the meantime I have probably missed the plot in the film or missed a crucial goal on the TV

You can therefore appreciate Caz , that the nasal mask triggers a new set of symptoms and gives me the s..ts. !

When I relayed my predicament to my local GP she simply remarked

" At least we have found a cure for your constipation !"

Every cloud has a silver lining eh !

Got to go. - feel a sneeze coming on!



28th July 2013, 21:47
Hi rory i was just sitting here having a little weep over rob and then i read your post.that made me laugh my head off lol.thanks for that.talking of constipation laxido from the dr works wonders!!!!! Lots of love as always.caroline xxxx

29th July 2013, 10:24
Lots of common ground for you and Roy then Rory, thank God the windows can be open!
bottoms up!

29th July 2013, 12:46
Hi Rory,
What did you fuel that typing finger with yesterday evening? I want some!
I look like I’m permanently waiting for a fist fight with my hands and so can’t type. I use a joystick instead of a mouse (my hand curls around the joystick) a click button between the knees and an onscreen predictive keyboard.
I can just about manage the TV remote, using a knuckle. I recently tried one of the multi-control gadgets and they are certainly useful; next step for me, whenever.
Good luck with your quest,

29th July 2013, 21:49
Rory, silver lining, silver surfer, gold humor.
Only you can make such a situation so funny.
Love Terry.

30th July 2013, 00:21
I tried the nasal mask last night - now i have a sore nose and ears !
Oh well bring on another cream !
I will look like a pickled egg after that !


30th July 2013, 00:31
Lots of common ground for you and Roy then Rory, thank God the windows can be open!
bottoms up!

roy and I performed the 21 gun salute for the new royal arrival!

30th July 2013, 00:49
It took a couple of hours to compose with a few rests in between!
I know what you mean about the fists

Better knuckle down now!


11th March 2015, 09:00
Hi Debbie,diane, Ellie ,

Here is a another thread from the past ,it is very funny enjoy .

12th March 2015, 18:54
Thanks Pete, I think Rory was the funniest person I never met...if you know what I mean, I bet he's making them all laugh in Heaven,
thanks again

12th March 2015, 20:29
Hi Debbie,

He was that and more, in fact all the ones who joined in made a big difference to those who read the posts and saw the funny side of life when it was needed, I doubt if we will get another yes, I think your so right he and Carol,Robert and quite a few more will no doubt be having a laugh together,I really hope they are.


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