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25th July 2013, 18:25
Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying the slightly cooler weather.

We have now decided it is time to look at getting a stairlift installed. Eddy's MND is respiratory onset and so his strength in his arms and legs has hardly changed over the last year but his breathing stops him from doing most normal activities. I have spoken with MND connect and they have given me the name of AST Stairlifts which cover Surrey, Berks and Middlesex. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about them? Our MND visitor has said she has been recommended this company from another visitor.

Just wondered what you feelings were. We are thinking of rental rather than buying outright.

Your thoughts and advice would be much appreciated.

Hope today has been a good one for you.
Diane XXX

25th July 2013, 18:38
Hi Diane,
I have just done the same thing, have to say its a leg saver ,we chose the same rental idea as pretty much with our guys we paid an amount to install service it and remove when no longer required ,as other posts have shown ,they are not cheap bits of kit and however long you have use of them pretty much they don't want to know when you need to sell it or remove it ,and ask what type you will be getting ours is a brookes 120 superglide !!! ,its neither of those things really,, but it gets you up and down the stairs without any drama,hope you get a good guy as we were lucky to get fit ours no fuss little mess and gone in just over two hours ,you and hubby have a great evening .


25th July 2013, 19:28
Don't forget that an OT or other health professional can apply for grant from your local branch of the MND Association towards the installation and rental of a stairlift.

25th July 2013, 21:48
Hi diane we used care and able stairlifts. stairliftsleicestershire after a bit of a fight with our ot.once the ot finally agreed mnda paid for installation and first few months then we agreed to pay 30 a month rental ourselves ourselves.sadly rob couldnt use it after about 3 months but it made one hell of a difference while we had it.have heard major companies bit steep to say the least but we were very happy.howard fitted it,a lovely kind man.not sure about where you live but i would certainly give them a ring .lots of love.caroline carolinexx

26th July 2013, 12:01
Thanks so much for the replies everyone. Like you Caroline we have gone with a small family run company which was recommended by the MNDA. We were going to rent but because of the shape of our stairs rental was very expensive. We have gone for a reconditioned one and after the first year you take a warranty which is very reasonable and that gives you full maintenance and service etc. Also deals with removal when not needed. I hope that you are doing a little bit better Caroline, think about you often, I followed all your posts. Have a good day everyone. Love Diane

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