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1st August 2013, 08:36
I don't use Grid 2 and know very little about it but ...

Another branch member uses Grid 2 but when they open a pdf/acrobat document they cannot close it using Grid 2. They can open and close word documents but not Acrobat/pdf ones.

This sounds a simple problem to me but not being familiar with Grid 2 I don't know, can anyone suggest how to do this?


Jo Burkimsher
4th August 2013, 07:30
Hello Arthur

I am afraid that I don't know the answer to your specific question, but a friend of mine uses The Grid 2 software and on the couple of occasions we have got stuck with it we have just telephoned the company who makes is (Sensory Software) The techies there are always very happy to help. The contact telephne number is +44 (0)1684 578868

4th August 2013, 09:46
thanks very much, I will pass that information on


4th August 2013, 10:26
Hi Arthur;
Does he use Grid 2 for talking as well?
Cheers Terry

4th August 2013, 11:34
Yes, talking and surfing the web. I hope to see it in action and compare it to my Palmtop which I use as a last resort when "talking".

I feel like Robocop when I use my Palmtop and the computer generated voice trying to mimic a human booms out, they will be interesting to compare,


4th August 2013, 12:46
I have a genie wheelchair that stands up and moves around and looks like robocop. I have programmed in my talker, "dead or alive your coming with me". It must be our age group.
What is a palmtop and what software are you using.


5th August 2013, 16:27

Take a Dell Axim Palmtop computer costing around 300
Add a loudspeaker, amplifier, batteries and software
Then sell it for over 2,000

It has the advantage of size (150mm by 60mm). It runs it's own speech software called impact.

I have tried to include a picture of it above but this link may be easier http://mndani.com/images/Palmtop.jpg

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