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7th August 2013, 21:39
Hi there, I thought I would start a new thread about the device my father uses for communication. Although my father isn't able to use his hands properly to type He has been given a great device on loan from MND Scotland which I haven't seen anyone posting about on here. Essentially it is a Samsung tablet, but it has a great application called Nova Chat 7 and is also fitted with a loud speaker system on the back. He is able to use it with the aid of a button that is strapped to the outside of his index finger which he then presses with his thumb as it scans over a qwerty keyboard on screen. This button can even be strapped to the feet and used with your toes if need be. It also has preset words and the option to add in any phrases which you like. It has been a god send for us and I thought others should know about it.

7th August 2013, 23:12
thankyou so much for starting this thread as their seams to be a lack of first hand info on switch operating. talking systems. I thing that can be used on android tablets as well like Predictable. Good to here that the Mnda have given an uptodate system as they have just supplied a scan lightrighter and is not to cleaver, and the switches provided are fine if you have good hands.
could you pm me with the contact who supplied it for your dad so that i can ask a few questions about it.
cheers terry

Thanks John, I think that the people in Mnda north of the boarder will be more helpful, I have now emailed them.

8th August 2013, 18:03
No problem Terry. I will pm you shortly.

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