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25th March 2011, 12:25
Hi i would like advice from anyone with non invasive vent and flying. My husband is using machine at night. We were advised to have a flight assessment prior to flying which was successful. Now the airline will not accept a respirtory consultants word. So we need to go throught a flight medical assessment. Has anyone else had this experience.

25th March 2011, 12:27
not asking for professional advice but peoples experiences

28th March 2011, 09:56
Hi, Sorry I haven't got any experience in this area but suggest you post your message in the 'Life with MND' section of the forum. Good luck!

Robyn Copley-Hirst
28th March 2011, 10:11
Hi champj,

I've moved your thread into the Life with MND section - hopefully you'll get the experiences you're looking for there from people who have MND and can answer personally.


29th March 2011, 22:56
My husband as been using a niv since Aug 2009. We have flown quite a few times, with monarch, jet 2, ryan air and easyjet. All short flights to Spain and have not had any problems. We have to take 2 machines as hand luggage, and this is allowed in addition to normal cabin allowance. We have never been asked for any medical approval. In fact we are off to Spain on Sunday and although he his on the niv for much longer these days we were given the go ahead from the hosital this morning

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