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26th March 2011, 21:20
hi ya all, just wanted to see if any off u know about feeding (going off food completely) problems with MND,
my father is really down at the minute, he hasn't ate anything now in a week all he has taken is a wee cup off coffee in the morning, he just tells us he's not hunger and if we ask him does he want anything 2 eat he just gets cross, his speech has got really bad the last we while, its really hard 2 watch him but there is nothing we can do, it feels like he is giving up and i dont know what 2 say 2 him, he has always been so strong and knows what he want.

27th March 2011, 18:08
Depression will cause loss of appetite...what does your father like doing? Obviously ALS/MND has a dramatic affect that limits what one can do and can cause self isolation. Simple things such as going for a walk/wheelchair ride or having friends and family over might help.

27th March 2011, 20:03
hi ya my father loves being outside especial when he sees the sun out, when i was up at with him with my 2 daughters he told us 2 go outside for them 2 play I asked him 2 come out in his wheelchair with us but wouldn't, he wont leave the house and hasn't done in months, when anyone comes in the house he just goes into tears and tells us he has had enough, he has visitors family over every day the house doesn't stop, he doesn't seem to have any interest in anything anymore.

thank you Jeannie for your reply means so much to hear from others i can talk to xx

28th March 2011, 10:11
It's a hard one if your father is refusing to do anything. It seems he is isolating himself from the outside world which is totally understandable from a pals (person with als) point of view. I did the same and pushed all my friends & family away because I felt embarrassed by als and to be honest I still do, more-so because my speech is greatly effected. Has your father got internet access as it may help if he can talk to others or are there any mnda support groups in your area that he can attend? maybe he would feel a bit more comfortable around others who are in the same boat. You could always ignore his refusals and take him out for a walk where nobody knows him, sometimes you have to be 'cruel to be kind'.

28th March 2011, 11:02
hi ya no he has no internet, his partner has said 2 him bout getting people in to talk to him but is just refusing everything that is said 2 him, think its time now to be 'cruel to be kind', its worth a try anything is, sometime i wish he would stop being pig headed and listen 2 us, i have been tell his partner bout your reply's and both off us are very grateful for your help, you are so brave.

thank you again xx

28th March 2011, 22:03
Have you contacted MNDA and asked for a visitor from your local branch? The visitors are very well trained and can be a great help. They understand the disease and might just be the means to get him to make an effort to make more of the remainder of his life. With a bit of thought you could have a visit without letting on you have set it up. At the very least it would be of benefit to you to have an MNDA visitor.


29th March 2011, 17:06
hi ya Clive thank u will give it a go fingers crossed it helps

thanks again

3rd April 2011, 17:19
Hi Djag

Is your dad taking antidepressants? When I was very depressed I also lost my appetite and didn't want to do anything. They really helped me.

Good luck.


9th April 2011, 22:14
Hi ya Sarah no my dad stopped taking all his tablets about 3 mths ago the doctor give him more but he'll still not take them well apart from his sleeping tablet at night.
he has picked up over the last week now thank god but still hasn't eaten anything, it will be 3 weeks tomorrow since he has had anything to eat, all he'll take is a milky coffee in the morning, over the last couple off days he has started to ask for now drinks so we are hoping this is a good sign and he'll start to ask for something to eat.

thanks for your reply very much appreciated :)

9th April 2011, 22:22
Hi Djag

I hope your dad will eat again and be okay. You must be so worried.

Best wishes


9th April 2011, 22:40
yea very worried, but was up seeing him 2day and he looked well, he seen my 1 yr old taking a couple off steps and that cheered him up as well, fingers crossed he'll start eating soon.


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