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25th August 2013, 23:08
I blame this one on Pete, he encouraged me. Soo some rants to start off. Not for the faint hearted so if of a nervous disposition this is an advisory.

Rant 1

Shop visit. "How are you today"

"Im not well Ive been off work since December "

" sorry to hear what's up?"

"I have a terminal illness"

"Oh well hope you feel better soon"

Yeh and I hope you get better training.

Rant 2

How come if someone knows my condition with an ounce of strength can pour me a G&TS BUT screw the caps harder than I can undo to get another? Needs a stairlift journey and a hand tool. Give me a break guys.

Rant 3

Over to you guys.


28th September 2013, 15:27
This Thread is coming in handy. Although I think this rant is more like venting combined with sadness mixed with anger :(

Watching my dear friend condition worsening, suddenly more rapidly, communicating more and more difficult. What I find also very troubling is she continues to remain without a medical support team to assist with her changing needs. Just her and her partner going it alone, because she remains firmly in denial. Sadly not a dam thing I can do to help change this situation, speaking to her about the reality of mnd is almost impossible.

I can hold it together when with her, but as soon as I leave her I fall apart on my drive back home. So much that I have to pull over afraid I might cause an accident. Not looking for sympathy because what my dear friend is experiencing each moment of each day goes beyond frustrating, and heartbreaking.

My sister insists I’m to emotionally involved, must take a step back. Have no clue how to do that? Maybe time to speak with a therapist, could help?

As always thanks for listening
CC xxx

28th September 2013, 18:15
Your right Cc;

You should be posting this on the venting, Frustration and denial thread.

I think that you are doing all you can, so you should accept that and be contented with your best. I have tried doing better than my best but it doesn't work and I felt worse. Sisters kind of right, be contented with your best and try hard to leave it there.

And Laila; People do say the most rotten things , probably trying to be nice. If only everyone was so honest as young children, they say what they think and see.

You need to get the bottles and openers together, get organized girl. Maybe get someone to loosen the lid when you buy it.

Love to you both, Terry

28th September 2013, 23:15
Thanks Terry, will try hard.


1st October 2013, 13:11

We elected these monkeys, and they have the cojones to just not show up for work, because Obama wants affordable healthcare for all !! If the American people did that we would lose our jobs. Disgraceful to say the least.

Elected officials behaving like 5 year olds having a tantrum because they can’t get their way. Now the Nation has to suffer because of it. What’s worse we allow these politicians to have the best healthcare coverage in the world, 2nd to none, and they are denying those who go without to at least be able to seek ‘affordable’ healthcare.

Would love to drag them by their ears like the 5 year olds they are to the ‘clinic’ were those that don’t have insurance have to go, and let them have that experience for just one day! Maybe then they would go back to work and do the job they were hired to do, and by providing every American healthcare is not doomsday their pompous, arrogant minds believe it to be.

Ok rant over. This thread really was a good idea Carol.


1st October 2013, 23:30
Hi CC,
Yes I wonder why Obama bothers ,almost everything he seems to try to do then gets challenged by self interested jerks who seem to care about no one but their own little group, It even makes our Two jokers look almost reasonable leaders, well I say two in fact it's more one and a half really !!!, seems like the ones who have it all ,,don't want the rest to enjoy even basic healthcare that should be something that everyone deserves the chance of having, Let's hope they come to their senses and support the president for once . Stay safe CC.


2nd October 2013, 04:13
So true Pete! Between our gun crisis and healthcare crisis, this poor guy can't win! Even though the American people voted him in twice! Those self interest jerks you mentioned are determined to bring him down, only they forget they take a country with them.

Maybe we will learn from this and stop re-electing them into office, but I highly doubt it.


2nd October 2013, 14:22
As lawmakers squabbled, President Barack Obama spoke bluntly about House Republicans. "You don't get to extract a ransom for doing your job, for doing what you're supposed to be doing anyway, or just because there's a law there that you don't like," he said. Speaking of the health care law that undergoes a major expansion on Tuesday, he said emphatically, "That funding is already in place. You can't shut it down."

House Speaker John Boehner responded a few hours later on the House floor. "The American people don't want a shutdown and neither do I," he said. Yet, he added, the new health care law "is having a devastating impact. ... Something has to be done."

Copied and pasted from our news! These words were actually said, by providing healthcare for all Americans 'is having a devastating impact'. I really find this unbelievable.

Millions of Americans lost their jobs along with that their health insurance, they can't afford to see a doctor, purchase medication and god forbid need hospitalization, they would have to mortgage their homes or go bankrupt trying to pay these bills without health insurance.

These politicians have the cojones again to complain about the cost of keeping Americans healthy, maybe they should stop and think about the trillions of dollars they were so easily ready to spend on a ridiculous war!

I drive 45 minutes each way to my part time 20 hour a week job, spend a small fortune on gas, to a job that actually provides health insurance to part time employees (a rare thing in this country) so my family can see a doctor, have medication, go to the dentist etc.. All these bastards care about is their own self interest and greed. Sickening! What's worse we elected them!!

You guys have room over there for one angry Italian/American crazy lady ! LOL

This venting feels great!!, only I'm doing it in the wrong country! hahaha


18th November 2013, 05:30
Hi guys. Yep having a rant its 5am and once again sleepless its amazing what goes through the mind when you toss and turn. Its been over ayear since wife diagnosed with mnd in all that time her mother who lives in same village never comes to see her even her own sister dosent call unless to ask them to. Yet again i have to take christine round to her mothers for their sunday chat, i told mil that this disease makes her tired and she should try to call in, the one time they did mrs b had problems of the toilet kind if you follow my drift had to get her re showered changed etc, what happened a shout up the stairs we can see you are busy we will leave you to it. Its true what they say you can choose your friends not family, there rant over no what better off with out them. Back to bed. love gerald xxx

18th November 2013, 07:35
Morning gerald greatly sympathise with you.I too was shocked at family members who shamefully were never there for us.the sufferer and carer need all the help they can get but we were not prepared for lack of help from family.had more support from strangers.rob would wait for promised visits that never happened so I stopped telling him they were coming.after his funeral which some had the nerve to come said they couldn't cope with seeing him like that !!!!!mind you I did get a dig in the eulogy about people's lack of help and there were a few shamed looks.well I can't and never will forgive them.oh yes and the usual anything you need just ask guff after the funeral .load of tosh havent seen any of that and If I do see them it's oh I keep meaning to ring or pop round.yeah right.well the one thing I've gained from this journey is strength to look after myself and not ask for help anymore .I can manage on my own thankyou very much.rant over and I feel much better for getting that off my chest lol.love as always.carolinexxxx

18th November 2013, 07:39
Gerald you are right to rant at lack of support. To have near relatives living close and still bear the whole burden is pretty tough. We have no close relatives nearby many travel regularly to make a contribution. Many but there are some absences. Good friends are often around and helping all they can. I yearn for someone to know the detail of Peter' needs and care and to share my thoughts with.
We are nearly two years after diagnosis but I nearly always get 6 hours sleep. Is it practical issues or anxiety that cause the restless nights?


18th November 2013, 20:08
Hi Caroline. Many thanks for the kinds words i like you feel stronger for facing things myself. So sorry to see that you have done the journey as they i,m fairly new here so too many posts to read. I admire your stance with your eulogy hope a few bums squimed on their seats. Do hope you are coping well and wish you all the best kindest regards love gerald xxx

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