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27th August 2013, 12:42
This ‘Grateful Thread’ was in inspired by xxxx Debbie xxxxx, Carol aka Laila, CC, Freda Bear (Phred Bear) , John’s pilots & The Sun.

There is definitely much to rant about, scream about, be depressed about, and a real lot to be angry about. Also believe there are, and can still be things to be grateful about. Big or small, makes no difference, all gratitude’s accepted here…

Will kick us off.., Grateful for:

God, My Family (of course), and grateful to have found in life a best friend of 30 years.

My Dear Forum Friends for welcoming me, and always being so supportive, and most importantly for making me feel ‘we’ are not alone in this.

The Dawn, and my morning cup of coffee.

My backyard of peace & tranquility, and for Hubby’s green thumb for making it that way.

The Firemen on September 11, 2001.

For John, Pete, & Terry, you guys know why.

For Michelle, wherever you may be, grateful to have had you when needed most.

For Debbie’s hugs and kisses.

For Roy & Rory, for always cracking me up, even though half the time I’m clueless to what the heck their talking about.

For Mr. Ray, for his endless optimism of ’Hope’.

For Koolsilver, for sharing the simple beauty of life, and nature here.

My dogs, because they always love me in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer, for better for worse, no matter what, till death do us part.

To be continued….

(Expecting full participation here!, don’t make me send Uncle Vinny and Uncle Frankie lol)

27th August 2013, 13:36
Well started CC

I am grateful for the team of medics, carers, friends and tradesmen that all worked together to get me out and about yesterday for the first time in my new PWC, down my newly built ramp. An achievement that certainly made my dog happy to run and try and keep up! And has given me some freedom and independence.

27th August 2013, 16:27
Hello Carol,and CC,

Yes reading your posts ,,reminded me of my luck in life so much to be trully grateful for, firstly just to confirm my love for anything Italian, cars ,bikes the amazing country that italy is and mostly the Italians ,that should go someway to pleasing the uncles CC ?.

Well here goes , Things i am grateful for

My parents for raising me in a way that taught me respect and decency sadly both long gone but the memories live on both good and bad ones. and never allowing me to become arrogant (the one thing I detest most in a person)

The other half ,she has suffered my company for over forty years,the last few have been very difficult for her but she is still here??,

Watching my daughter grow from a baby to womanhood all went to fast ,but has presented me with a new family treasure I thought i would never see !!,

Being fortunate not to suffer any major illness till now .

For all the guys on the forum , both present and past without who the day wouldnt be the same ,doubtful we will ever meet ,but the sharing of ideas and reading the lifes challenges are remarkable in making my days special .

Big breekies, and junk food , thankfully still on the list of things i can still eat.

Brandy and Coke ,,Orange juice and trifles ,as hard as it is to raise a smile now, these still do a good job in trying.

The night we rescued Rosie the pony from a very doubtful future ,Eight years on and still here ,with the two remaning sheep as her companions,

Living in a country that still sees life has a value,

Think that will do for starters


27th August 2013, 16:40
I have just eaten a whole ripe squishy juicy nectarine!! Don't know why I decided to try it (maybe the smell?). Anyway I swallowed it with no problem and am amazed and grateful.

28th August 2013, 03:39
HAHAHAHA Yes, Yes Pete!! No worries for you, Uncle Vinny & Frankie, won’t be fitting you for cement shoes! Lol

Oh come on guys….there definitely has to be more then just four grateful people here?


28th August 2013, 10:48
I'm sure I have more to be grateful for but the first thing that springs to mind are my cats....they make my dad laugh.....I can't tell you how good it is to see him laugh....they also have adapted very well with him living with us and use him as their own personal massage bed which again makes him laugh.....they sit on his thighs and get gently massaged by the fasiculations......who'd of thought cats and fasiculations would ever make someone laugh!

28th August 2013, 13:14
Grateful for the 32 years living, loving laughing and working with Irene.

Grateful for the most enduring product of that union, our son Toby who really came good when his Mum's illness started.

Grateful for all the support of real friends and family through Irene's illness and beyond.

Grateful for the support of virtual friends on here throughout Irene's illness and beyond.

Grateful for being able to live in the 2 most beautiful places in he world, Wensleydale and Madeira . Not up for debate, beauty being in the eyes of the beholder!

Grateful for beating the Australians at cricket and victories in the Tour de France and Olympics.

The list could go on but I will leave it at that for now.


28th August 2013, 13:19
YAY!! Now we're cooking! Keep it going gang....:) :)

28th August 2013, 13:43
Hi gang,

Just a few more gratefuls,

To be grateful I never represented my country at cricket ,and found it acceptable to urinate on the pitch as part of my success , I really do find this both disgusting and question why we give these so called sportsmen any respect,they have very little for anyone else .

That I am not in the position of leader of this country , As I find it impossible to conceive that we are about to stick our noses into another conflict brewing ,that will cost our country both more expense and possibly more of our service personnel their lives ,to get involved in a war that really is none of our business , it seems we have learnt nothing over the years ,that wars have no winners ,only lives taken away and for what.

28th August 2013, 16:43
I am grateful to have been married to my wonderful husband who is fighting this awful disease with such dignity and being so positive the whole time.

For my lovely children, their partners and grandchildren.

For our two lovely dachshunds who make us laugh.

For the wonderful team that we have helping us.

Last but by no means least the wonderful people on this forum be they carers or sufferers.

I am sure there are loads more things, so as Arnie says I'll be back.

Love to everyone, hope you are having a good day. Diane

28th August 2013, 17:18
Hi Pete,
I am glad you are not leading the country too. Not a job any of us would want . I cannot understand why we have to waste money, which seems to be a scarce resource when asked for to cure mnd , fighting wars for third world countries which go on to replace dictators with dictators. We really ought to put our own house in order before we start knocking on other people's doors
As for urinating on cricket grounds would you like to share silly things you have done under the influence of drink and euphoria? I don't think I would. Fortunately I am not a celeb so my antics never caught the eye of the paparazzi fortunately. Those committing the offence are unlikely to be bitches so all being well the grass will survive the attention.
I am grateful that the sun has just come out and the threatened thunderstorm seems to have moved off.

28th August 2013, 17:18
I am grateful that it is my left leg and arm that have been affected first so I can still drive and cook and write. I am grateful that my bulbar area is still good so I can eat, drink and talk. I am grateful for a wonderful husband and children who do all they can to help yet let me be as independent as I want to be. I am grateful for 57 healthy happy years before MND. I am grateful for this forum which helps me understand this disease.

28th August 2013, 17:23
Well done CC for posting this thread. It has certainly resulted in many positive thoughts so far and I'm sure many more to come.

I'm grateful for my wife and family for supporting me with this illness (even when I'm grumpy)
For the strength of mind to not give in or give up hope especially if a breakthrough helps others when we have departed
For living a full and happy life, shared with loved ones
For the wonderful people on this forum without whose comments to provoke sadness, laughter, sympathy and support would make each day seem empty

Best wishes

phred bear
28th August 2013, 17:33
CC dear, what a task you've set us... there is so much to be grateful for I'm having to condense the list .. bless you.

I am grateful that as a baby I was adopted into a Salvation Army family, and grateful to the mother who gave me up to these wonderful people who gave me a place and a set of values;

I am grateful that when tragedy struck my youngest son we found healing and hope both 'over the pond' and here, and for being given the courage to deal with it (especially the months of driving on the wrong side of the road.. phew, what a couple of near misses!);

I am grateful for the strength and love of my eldest son who, even if he does think I'm a bit of a dipstick, will aid me in dipstickery, if that's what I want;

For Alan with whom I have shared married life for 45 years;

For the joy of creatures and gardens, for friends old and new;

For Pete, because I now don't feel so guilty for a love of a MacDonald's Spicy Veggie Deli (with fries); for xxx debbie xxxx who reminds me that in spite of travails a heart can shine with compassion, for Ray Fishmate for giving me a cause and someone to cheer on (and a wonderful pic of a wee housie in the sky); for brave ladies prepared to leap out of 'planes to fundraise ... for those who care, advise and comfort, the list of you all is endless, and I do not forget those names who seldom post here anymore - for when I was looking in but not feeling able to join in, you were there, companions in adversity, showing the way. I am grateful for you

Oh, and I'm grateful to the chap/chapess who is currently working away on a speech to txt writer that understands a Yorkshire accent, Don't Give Up!!!!

Ta, CC

Much love,

29th August 2013, 01:46
More gratitudes…

Grateful for the simple ability to be ‘grateful’. It allows me to see all I really do have in life, now, and in the past, instead of what I don’t have.

My home.

Grateful I have health insurance, in a country if you don’t, you can go bankrupt.

Grateful it‘s raining now, so I don’t have to go out again and help Mr. Green Thumbs pick more figs from his fig tree.

To be continued…:)

29th August 2013, 12:22
Grateful I don’t live in Syria.

Would be extremely grateful if the US stays out this mess.

Grateful I start vacation today! A chance to relax a bit.

More to come…

29th August 2013, 15:30
I'm grateful for Cadbury's Marvellous Creations with Candy Popping Shells......my pants and every chair I sit on are less grateful.....

29th August 2013, 18:40
Grateful that we were able to have had a lovely day out with my brother and his wife. Me burning rubber on my scooter!!

29th August 2013, 20:22
I am overwhelmed by this thread and the frankness about to whom you all are grateful and admire, which is marvelous to read ,but i think that you also consider admiring yourselves as you probably bring the best out of these people you mention. I agree that since being diagnosed everyone has been brilliant, even my border collie who never licked me before has an obsession of licking my legs and arms,the both places that i am suffering from most,may be disgusting to some people but he seems to know that something is not right, or it may be me reading the signs wrong.


29th August 2013, 21:29
Hi Cedwyn,

I think your dog is just showing how much he thinks of you, and I do honestly think they are aware of things we are not , we seldom give credit to the four legged members of our family's ,but I know for certain you won't find them lacking in giving back the love they feel to their owners , and I am extremely grateful to be coming to your part of the world , We have a week in Anglesey to enjoy, cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to it .


phred bear
29th August 2013, 22:17
Grateful for mums who kissed our bumps better when we were young and for dogs who are still trying to do so.. :) :)

freda x

30th August 2013, 01:27
Total agreement on the Dogs !! One big collective gratefulness for them :) :) :)

They know exactly where to kiss our boo boos, without having to consult any scientific charts. Maybe the medical profession could learn something from them.

30th August 2013, 22:01
I am Grateful for the beautiful Sunrise and Sunsets I see.

For the birds, Ducks and Geese.

For all Animals.

For the rolling hills and Mountains.

For the Trees, Woodland and Forests.

For Rivers, Lakes and Waterfalls.

For the Sea that surrounds this small island.

For my wonderful Wife.

My wonderful Sons and Daughters.

And my 8 wonderful Grandchildren.

For my Dog Megan a Border Collie.

For Being Healthy until 70, a Year ago.

For the night nurse at Radcliffe Hospital such a sweet tender care giver.

And for the overworked day Sisters and nurses.

For Nina Conti who makes me laugh.

For friendly people.

For my neighbor Ronnie the MND Fund Raiser Extraordinaire.

For YouTube where you can find the answer to almost anything.


31st August 2013, 13:32
Yes, as Koolsilver reminded me, some technical gratefuls as well...

Spellcheck lol

My cell phone, can always hunt down my kids! (Don't know how our parents ever found us when growing up??)

My computer, without it would not even being typing this.

My GPS, how in the world did I ever live without it.

To be continued...

phred bear
4th September 2013, 18:32
Grateful for success of my bladder op on Monday and grateful to be back in my own home today, able to post on the forum, the sun is shining, from the window I can see birds splashing, simple things which bring a smile.

Grateful for Bob Ross and his joy of painting TV series, my shoulders n arms may be rubbish but... by balancing my forearms on the back of a chair, I've taken up painting, and oh my goodness, I can paint. Utterly, utterly thrilled. God bless you Bob.

Grateful to Cookiewitch for leading me to the dark purple side of Cadbury's, though the hospital laundry may not be as chuffed ...

Grateful for Mitch Albom's uplifting book 'Have A Little Faith', read cover to cover in hospital, great for lovers of 'Tuesdays with Morrie'.

Love to all,

5th September 2013, 02:03
Grateful our Freda Bear were in good hands, and by the sound of it doing very well. Grateful to have her lovely posts again :)


5th September 2013, 11:52
Good news Freda - pleased to hear the op went well.

5th September 2013, 20:30
Iam grateful to be back on this forum. No Internet access for two weeks and really missed the regular support . Some difficult situations occurred and I really needed you all. A bit concerned about the term,'grateful'. I am so pleased that. We receive so many services but would qualify this as I find the medical ethos a bit challenging. The fact that many of us get free medication, access to mobility cars and quite a library of equipment is to be applauded. I just think grateful suggests a humility/deference that I do not feel with the exception of this forum.


phred bear
6th September 2013, 16:54
What's In A Name?

Good have you back Magic,
Obviously I can speak only for myself, but for me the 'grateful thread' is a place of positive energy. While you were internet becalmed there were a few really negative posts on other threads, very dampening, and some of us wanted a gentle thread where we could simply recount the good things in our lives, celebrate our little triumphs and share our joys. And why not? So, it's more on the lines of to uplift and uphold. (Sounds like a bra advert ..sorry about that) Humility or deference didn't come into it..

So for me it's a great thread, the picture Miranda created with her juicy nectarine, sheer joy to read... And of her burning rubber....so glad she chose to share it with us.- Keep socking it to Mnd, Miranda.

Rustygates dog caring for Rg's hurts, how special is that? Pete's Rosie. Knowing these and the other things members of our little community tell us from the heart, well it enriches my life. I do so hope that if you should be having a not so great day and your back is still to the wall, you can look in here and maybe find something just a little uplifting. Humbleness not a requirement.

love to you,

7th September 2013, 00:34
Aaawwwww very well said our Freda Bear my dear, agree! if I do say so myself lol

Love to hear of Rosie’s rescue, maybe Pete will share that one with us all :) Certainly Rosie has a lot to be grateful about!!

More gratefulness….

For the beautiful weather on my little vacation, lots of sunshine, cooler days & evenings, made a lot of fires in my chiminea in my backyard. Enjoyed the sunsets, and the crackling fire and the smell and feel of Fall coming. My kids all being home again a lot more because the Fall Semester has started. Simple pleasures really are the best…

Hoping to be continued….


12th September 2013, 00:26
More then Grateful, and Thankful my husband came home to his family on 9/11/01.


17th September 2013, 18:59
Grateful that I still have friends who are adapting with me on this journey. Today went out for lunch with former work colleagues who willingly help me and the rollator out of the car, wait patiently while I write notes to join in the 'conversation' and ignore my not so elegant eating.

18th September 2013, 12:11
just say a few more grateful thanks,

After sneezing and then falling backwards ,ending up with a cut to the head, to my wife who sat with me holding a pad on my head, to my neighbour who hoisted me from the tiled floor, and finally to the two young paramedics ,who came and took care of me , with minimum fuss and just remarkable kindness and professionalism sorted me out , yes I am indeed grateful this morning .

18th September 2013, 15:48
Grateful you were in very good hands Pete. Hope your head gash is nothing to serious.

Grateful your surrounded with good friends in life Miranda, we all should be so fortunate.


18th September 2013, 23:17
we are lucky people to have great friends and family one of my neighbours is going run a half marathon for me to raise funds for MND I grateful for all of them

22nd September 2013, 14:46
I am grateful to my wonderful family who made my birthday yesterday so lovely.it was my first without rob and very difficult.today last year our daughter got married with rob Sat next to her in his wheelchair the whole way through the service.so happy and sad today.oh and to show my sense of humour is returning so very grateful for cable ties,saws that cut and trigger gloves!!!Love as always,caroline xxx

22nd September 2013, 22:08
Grateful for a gloriously beautiful Fall like weather in Jersey today. Cool breeze, lots of sunshine and some leaves are actually starting to fall.

Grateful to be sitting in my backyard on this beautiful day and for my great Frisbee playing dog! He keeps my husband young lol He can jump about 5 feet up in the air and can make some seriously gravity defying catches !! Enjoy watching them play LOL

Hope your all experiencing some beautiful weather as well :)

1st October 2013, 11:30
I am grateful for the good advice given by my visitors and the hospital which prompted me after breathing difficulties, to try breathing exercises
My lung capacity has gone from 39% last May to 50% Today 30 September 2013.

1st October 2013, 15:05
Lots to be grateful for

Rob, my love & soulmate, after 17 yrs together..................we are getting married next month!!!

My children and grandsons who are beyond scumptious.

Our lovely friends that are so supportive

My Mum has Alzheimer's, at the weekend she made me laugh, she loves me but can't remember why

Teresa xx

1st October 2013, 17:53
Hi Teresa

Just to say congratulations and wishing Rob and yourself every happiness and wonderful day

Best wishes


2nd October 2013, 11:20
Thanks Roy

I'll make an honest man of him yet!!


8th October 2013, 21:41
I'm very Grateful I am not being sued !! Grateful I still have homeowners insurance! Grateful to an excellent plastic surgeon! Grateful there are still decent people in the world :) :)

Sonny is very grateful I still love him :)

Grateful Uncles not needed lol


8th October 2013, 23:30
Hi CC,

Not shooting the dog then. Hope he is on double treats for his vigilance.


8th October 2013, 23:37
Good to hear Cc;

It is nice when someone accepts that their actions had alot to do with the resulting accident. How is he, wish him all the best from the rabble across the pond.
Just think of the dog food you saved whilst Sonny digested the boy's nose.
Good news, Terry

9th October 2013, 00:02
Hi everybody,
I'm grateful to have had the last 11 years with my gorgeous man who is also fighting this horrible disease for the last 6 months.
I'm grateful for the quality time that we all took for granted so much before our lives changed forever,
Our 3 lovely kids
Our ability to see the funny side of things to make the best of a bad situation
Our amazing family and friends
The wonderful team of professionals who support us unconditionally
Our 2 dogs
And of course all you lovely people here
Lots of love and big hugs to you all xxx

9th October 2013, 01:22
LOL no shooting the dog John, although I just recently started to speak to him again since he was begging for my forgiveness.

The kid is doing much better Terry, thanks for asking. Yes, let’s just hope Sonny doesn’t start to like the taste of nose! There will be no second chances, I made that very clear to him!!


9th October 2013, 09:57
Hi Wurzel;

That is a nice post,


You a\re so right Wurzel. I thought that I was quite a kind and understanding, at least for a man. Many people complain about the way that they are treated by normal people but did I treat some disabled a similar way.
I can now understand how people with seriball pasey and others feel.
I also have so much time to do small talk, so to speak, only I can't talk.

10th October 2013, 00:45
Hi terry,
Thank you, funny how mnd totally changes the way you think, I think it's made us grateful for so many things we took for granted before!
Mandy xx

10th October 2013, 15:42
I had an epiphany when came across this latest quote. Profound indeed.

‘Live in the now, remember the past, fear not the future, for it doesn’t exist, and never shall, there is only the now’

It really is a hard concept to wrap your brain around, but the more I thought about it the clearer and truer it became to me. Could you just imagine how much better a place this world could be if we all just lived in ‘the now’. No future, because the future is the now, this very moment. If ’ the now’ is all we get, which in reality it is, how much kinder, grateful, considerate, better people we would be without the prospect of tomorrow because tomorrow is the now!

Oddly these simple words have been having a calming effect on my thought process when I feel overwhelmed and fearful of all the ‘what if’s’ of life.

Just food for thought….had to share :)


13th October 2013, 02:43
I'm grateful ever to have been loved and been cared for by my mum (joybells). Her untimely death has also taught me that nothing and no one lasts forever. You have to live in the now. To this end, I intend to live the rest of my life doing things that make me happy. I've gone down to two days a week in work and I'm buying my dream house with my own land so I can keep my horses at home, rather than livery. A reduction in office work and more time with my neds. That's all down to mum, live the life you can now.

13th October 2013, 04:38
Good for you Lilly , and I do apologise for your new name (New tablet, I need to fathom how to stop it correcting my spelling)
I am grateful for all of you on the forum who have helped me with advice and words of encouragement when I needed it.
For the years I had with my hubby and Dad while they were alive.
My loving family who keep me sane (debatable)
A lovely home and good friends.
Also that I am fit and healthy enough to jump out of a plane (Freda) this is where my sanity is debatable lol but I will be even more grateful if I raise loads of money for the association.

Love Chrissy

13th October 2013, 15:57
Good for both of you Ladies!! :)

Well said Lolly, happy for you that your still young and healthy and you truly ‘get it’. It really is the only way to live your life. It took my beloved friends illness for me to truly understand ‘the now’ as well.


21st October 2013, 23:20
Hi all. Put my two penneth in. Grateful for all sorts been married 45yrs great couple of kids who have given us 6 grandkids and one on the way. My faithful cairn terrier Rossi's completely independent but always reading for a walk. For my health to look after Christine and the fact I have a likening for malt whisky lol. And not forgetting our forum members you are all amazing.

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