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28th August 2013, 09:55
The chest specialist wants to stop the carbocisteine and replace it with Atropine eye drops on the tongue to control dad's saliva problems.

He mentioned that one of the possible side effects is blurred vision. Dad, not only having MND, also has AMD (Age related macular degeneration) which means his vision is already effected with wiggly lines and he's desperate not to have any further deterioration in his vision as he's losing everything else as it is with the MND.

We've agreed to try the Atropine and if there is any hint of blurred vision we will stop straight away and just stick with the carbocisteine (which we're not sure works or not).

Has anyone else had any experience with the Atropine.....the GP mentioned it used to be called Belladonna....a well known Agatha sodding Christie poison which isn't overly reassuring!


28th August 2013, 10:59
I tried the atropine drops but they didn't help. Don't recall any side effects. But as we are all different hopefully your will benefit.

28th August 2013, 13:37
HI Both,
Well it's the first time I have heard of Mucadyne being used for excess saliva, as far as I knew it was to breakdown the thick mucus that can also be a problem , so as for reducing it ,I would think it would only make matters worse with the saliva issues ,much like Miranda has said ,each try to find one that works for you ,I am doing ok with Kwells at the moment ,has dad tried those ?


28th August 2013, 16:21
The problem Dad has is that he has thick saliva at the back, for which they've prescribed the carbocisteine, and thin runny at the front. The did prescribe Kwells but we got told to stop them as they would conflict with the carbocisteine.

I got the impression that the Atropine was for the thick sticky stuff which is primarily what he chokes on.....now it would appear not from what you've said.....

I'm fairly sure that he'll take it once, get blurry vision and we'll knock it on the head.

We just can't seem to get anything sorted re the saliva....each different specialist from each area of expertise comes up with something different and none of them agree with the other....we are very much the pigs in the middle!

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