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phred bear
30th August 2013, 19:22
Does anyone have any experience/advice on epidural vs general anaesthesia ? Having the old plumbing sorted out on Monday, my preference is for epidural but not sure if it suits us als. All thoughts very welcome.

30th August 2013, 21:25
Hi Freda Bear My Dear :)

Can’t say I have much experience with either, I guess that’s something to be ‘grateful’ about lol.

If you mean the same type of epidural given for those hard larbor child bearing days, where you are given a spinal and numbed from waist down, had one of those, also had full general anesthesia. Personally prefer the epidural. For me I would rather be alert and oriented when dealing with the medical profession. As long as it’s nothing to drastic a procedure. Also believe it’s a quicker recovery time, although do remember having to lie flat on back for quite awhile after epidural, or maybe that was because of the cesarean section? It’s been awhile lol

Also, not sure how each one affects mnd. One might be more preferable then the other? Wish I could be more helpful...

Good luck to you which ever way you go
CC xxx

phred bear
31st August 2013, 08:54
Good morning CC,
It's grand outside here in the Midlands of England, sun shining, many birds at our feeding tables, a good quiet place for a coffee before the day begins.
Epidural, yes that's the bunny, needle in the spine and stay awake, same as in childbirth. Had a neighbour who had a hip replaced that way and she was fine. Mine is nothing so drastic, am having a supra pubic catheter. We all hope that the anaesthetist knows their job but ours is a small town hospital, mnd is very rare, so I thought I'd ask the gang - hopefully someone will have some experience or knowledge.
Stay well,

31st August 2013, 13:44
Good Morning Freda Bear

Sun shining here as well, and drinking my morning coffee as we speak :)

I'm thinking I would probably go with the Epidural, since it's nothing to major. Maybe speak with the anaestheologist first before deciding, that might be a big help in making your decision.


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