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4th September 2013, 02:10
This time from Precision Stem Cells inc.. See alstdi.

4th September 2013, 22:23
Sounds good Graham but requires trip to Columbia and $60,000. Interesting to see how it evolves because if it can be seen to be a cure it must roll out around he world.


16th January 2014, 19:49
Age-related Macular Degeneration now being treated successfully in the UK by injecting DNA corrected cells into the retina. Even dying cells take up the corrected DNA and recover! The miracle of life. Conversely, is this a pathway for MND progression, loose-cannon DNA?

31st January 2014, 00:44
Now stem cells can be produced by extracting white blood cells and immersing in acid, BBC reports from Japan. Pardon the simplistic report, details not given.

The main thrust is this is a commercial method of deriving stem cells. Another key step in finding an affordable cure for MND.


As of March 2014, this stem cell research has been discredited. The Japanese researcher is being investigated.

31st January 2014, 13:15
Thanks Graham, Lets hope so.

Regards Terry

31st January 2014, 22:43
Hi Terry,

Back in 2008, when I started with MND, the only source of stem cells was the umbilical cord, the only gene causing MND was SOD1 and the only treatments were snake oils including Riluzole. Collectively, as a group, we were diagnosed as MND, albeit PLS or PMA or both.

Progress over the past six years has been remarkable.
1. Stem cells now can be derived from multiple sources.
2. Diagnoses are no longer MND, now a specific gene diagnosis can be had. Over 30 identified and more being uncovered.
3. Treatments are now available that cure specific gene MNDs, but only under trial.

I fully understand the immense frustration and annoyance of not being able to access the cure. I have heard several people have travelled to Brainstorm in Israel, only to be turned away.

I have always argued that we must act collectively and the MNDA should lead. I and I guess others remain disappointed by the lack of leadership, Terry.

Take care.

3rd February 2014, 08:43
Helo Graham

3rd February 2014, 08:45
Hello Graham
Do you know why the people were turned away from Brainstorm in Isreal. Are there any reports on an upcoming trial in Shefield university?

Cheers Darryl

3rd February 2014, 22:35
Hello Graham
Do you know why the people were turned away from Brainstorm in Isreal. Are there any reports on an upcoming trial in Shefield university?

Cheers Darryl

Because it's not commercially available. They are still working on establishing the safest dose to ensure maximum efficiency.

They also aren't set up to start treating patients yet.

5th February 2014, 03:34
Hi Darryl,

It is protocol not to offer therapies while on trial for legal and insurance reasons amongst others. Growing the stem cells locally is a technical issue.

Brainstorm have primed us for further success in treating MND. The phase 2 are being extended to the USA this year.

The fastest route to this treatment if results come back as advertised, would be lobbying for phase 3 trials in UK.

5th February 2014, 04:54
Hello Graham, i do not have the facts, but recently i was reading about the Stem cell trial being carried in Israel on MND patients. Have you followed this one. It sounded very promising. Any thing happening in the UK?

5th February 2014, 10:37
I think the Israel study looks the most exciting at the moment with promising results. You can find out more on the mnda website and looking up research. I think there are links to the companies involved or at least enough details to look them up. There doesn't appear to be anything significant in the uk at present.

Like Graham says, these treatments are still in early clinical trials so they are a few years away from being more widely available. At least it looks like they are finally onto something which might help.

Als untangled is a useful site for checking out research and theories.

8th February 2014, 22:04
Hi Marieline,

Yes, the Israeli treatment is covered in the Brainstorm thread.

15th February 2014, 18:30
Now leukemia is being treated successfully by stem cell therapy at Christies hospital as routine when chemotherapy fails.

17th February 2014, 00:36
That is great News Graham. Is Christies Hospital located in England? They can experiment on me anytime!

Best wishes

22nd February 2014, 14:26
Hi Marieline,

Yes, it is Christies in Manchester, England.

This week the BBC reported that the European Union is funding a 5 year, 1,000 patient, stem cell trial to repair damaged hearts following a heart attack where heart fibres/cells are known to have died.

This is a bold study that counters the notion of 'When it's dead, it is dead'. Actually within the confines of a living organism, the growing consensus is that regeneration is possible, after all, we all expect skin and broken bones to heal!

Marieline, I think we are all willing participants for the right trial, you have started me thinking.

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