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26th September 2013, 05:50
Have anyone read about this algae discovery by Dr.Rachel Dunlop,if I may say,I am very happy that SOMETHING is going in a happy way for us.Any thoughts??
Thank you

26th September 2013, 06:17
Hi koala,

This link has just been posted last night on alstdi. Sounds fantastic if it can be identified, isolated and cures.



26th September 2013, 06:49
Thank you John,hope that we can get something really soon!
Also,about that NPOO1 or WF10,I asked about it to a neurologist and he said that never eard about it.
I thought that with the results of trial 2 they would go ahead and,at least "informe" darts around the world !
Am I getting to ahead ???

26th September 2013, 12:55
Hi Koala,
Here is a follow up post suggesting something to counteract the protein misfolding.

Posted: Thursday, September 26, 2013 2:58:23 AM
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I am also very suspicious of food contamination triggering MND. I noticed at the time of symptom onset that I experienced near food poisoning from eating seafood, and my entire body felt poisoned. I do not doubt a causal link from bacteria, or a virus like contaminant contained in food. If anything I was consuming large amounts of shrimp and lobster prior to onset, plus fish that made me very ill. I have always thought there is a poisoning type aspect to this disease. L-Serine will target the protein misfolding Cam, as will some other substances. Regards, "

I am not in anyway medically qualified or recommending anything, just sharing information. If you are considering anything you should consult you medical adviser.


26th September 2013, 13:38
Hi all,

There have been a number of news reports today about blue-green algae and MND following a paper published by MND researchers in Australia. Samantha from our research team explains the paper in more detail and what it all means on our research blog, published today.

You can find the link here:


Best wishes,


26th September 2013, 14:33
Thanks Andrew,

Obviously something important if the research community is talking about it. Let us hope it leads to a cure .
Presumably blue green algae exposure could be a possibility for any of us and we probably would not necessarily know about it. Most of us probably do not eat fruit bats but seafood, crustaceans and seeds!


28th September 2013, 02:46
Thank you John and Andrew. When I read something new about a possible cure or....ANYTHING at all regarding mnd, my head just goes over the moon expecting a miracle!
In the same lines of thinking,now,after 15 months of my diagnose,I was able to tell my family and,of course,my mother is trying to send me all the links that her friends give her about a " possible " way of putting mnd away!
So this AM I received this email about this clinic Germany that may help US.
Did you ear of " PRAXISGEMEINSCHAFT fur Zelltherapie Duderstadt "?
Thank you both
Koala ( Clara , no need to hide it anymore !! :) :( )

3rd October 2013, 12:11
Dr Rachel Dunlop, one of the people responsible for the research on cyanobacteria which is contained in the paper has just joined alstdi forum and is offering to answer any questions on the research and it's implications. If there is anyne would like answers (laila) then now may be the time to log on and ask them. She responds in layman's terms and seems only to willing to participate. Her name on the site is Dr Rachie which she says is a commonly used name for her. She pointedout that the original finding was presented at the mnd/als symposium in 2011 which explains how mnda were able to produce a blog so quickly.


3rd October 2013, 12:25
Hi Clara,
Sorry I did not respond to your question about PRAXISGEMEINSCHAFT . I had never heard of it but it sounds interesting. They do claim it is a treatment for als but after a quick look I do not see any testimonials. Do you know any more about it?



15th December 2013, 08:38
Hi John
I did write to the clinic,asked if they had Anyone with my clinical condition that I could be put through to talk about and never had an answer.For this reason I did talk to my dr and, (thinking that he could be more luck,because he was quite anxious to know it as well, )he decided to write an email with all my clinical notes to them,asking for a possible treatment and contact with other patients.
Result...no answer now for nearly 2 months.It is sad.....
A bit disappointed...but,still looking for SOMETHING....
Did you have any info on it?
Still thinking on asking about NPOO1.
Life is a constant search for the pass 14 months....
Going to see dr tomorrow,wonder if he has a reply...will let you know.
Have a good night John.

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