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15th December 2010, 20:29
i just took my 5 year old to the dentist today, and got talking to him, and told him i had mnd.

i said what is your thoughts on amalgam fillings - he said oh they are banned in italy, sweden, and lots of other countrys!

i have read a lot about the dangers of these, especially for mnd people?

any thoughts?


15th December 2010, 22:42
Hi John

I have lots of amalgam fillings. If I need one replaced then I pay for a white one. I won't let my children have amalgam fillings either. Saying that, I've read that the symptoms of mercury poisoning are different to those of MND. Apparently, having them removed can cause the mercury to leak. I decided to leave them in.

Do you have any?


16th December 2010, 09:44
Hi Sarah, John
I think it's interesting that we all have different views on mercury fillings and obviously no proof either way. I was diagnosed in April 2008 where my shoulders arms and hands had started to lose muscle, it was a shock to be told I hope MND, as I have kept myself fit and played sports for almost 40 years. Anyone family and friends got lots of information for me and one book in particular was written by a sufferer and he was convinced metals played a part in MND, with no other theories I decided to have my Mercury fillings replaced with white ones and also decided to go to organic foods plus take Chroella and Cilantro which are supposed to take metals out of the body---sounds silly but nothing to lose

16th December 2010, 09:57
hi Sarah

me too with regards the children.

i have loads - when i was at school in the 70's / early 80's a dentist used to come in to school and most of my mates have a mouthfull.

i spoke to my dentist and he said he was surpised they are not banned in the UK (he's italian). he recommended if wanted mine removed and replaced, to one one a month at between 60- 120 each one !!!!!


16th December 2010, 09:59

was the book your refering to called "eric is winning"?

how are you now, 2 years into your disease?

oh im doing similar to you, and ive cut out caffiene too.


16th December 2010, 10:40
Hi John,

Yes I think it was called Eric is winning. I feel great, shoulders/arms/hands are about 25% but the grip is not much good. Six months ago I had problems getting out of low chairs and now the stairs are difficult. Walking is not too bad but I do get back ache occasionally, this is probably down to some extra weight I have put on. I do take some different medicines and eat 90% organic food. I think you need to keep all the moving parts exercise in some way otherwise they seem to go quickly. Noticed your controller, don't give in give you round some rest before use

16th December 2010, 11:27
hi steve

yes ive got that book, it was quite inspirational. im trying to keep fit, its funny a lot of mnd people seem to be ex runners, cyclists (im an ex club level cyclist),

i walk every day, but cant face the bike, as my left hand has decayed and it really gets affected by the cold. hopefuly i will be still mobile next spring!


16th December 2010, 12:25

yes my hands get really effected by the cold, have you thought about an exercise bike? You can do in the warmth (hooray), also if you go to your local mobility shop they do a leg exercise item (like pedals) where you can sit on a chair/settee and pedal in comfort!!
you will still be mobile next winter
silly thought but if I use the WII remote on the racing game then we start the game pause it immediately and stick a rubber band over the speed control and then I just have to steer!!

16th December 2010, 12:35
good idea Steve, im just as we speak setting up a steering wheel for my ps3. i will post a picy if it works!


Merry Maid
16th December 2010, 17:32
having read so many forum posts all over the world please be careful about what you read and what you take i have seen on the other established uk forum and patients like me who do not hold eric is winning to be of great importance and i have seen warnings about detox remedies not only these sites but also here in the mnda unproven drugs passage and amalgam fillings have not been the only dental complaint associated to causing mnd bacteria in cavities absisses and others have been blamed also i am one that does not agree with amalgam mercury poisoning theory because i have never had a filling but i have had an absiss before.


13th January 2011, 22:55
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im sure you have all seen this before, but i keep reading about the damaging effects of having a mouthfull of dental amalgams.

have a look at this - its old, but why have the mnda researchers not done anything about it

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHqVDMr9ivo&feature=player_embedded (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHqVDMr9ivo&feature=player_embedded)

http://wn.com/neurons (http://wn.com/neurons)


14th January 2011, 13:35
This does worry me slightly so I think I will have a word with my dentist on my next vist. I have 2 fillings.

14th January 2011, 13:42
ive got a mouthfull - must of eat too many sweets as a child


19th January 2011, 21:48
Apparently having Amalgam fillings removed can actually be a really bad thing & rthere should be a proper medical detox not a homepathic one

Robyn Copley-Hirst
20th January 2011, 11:53
Apparently having Amalgam fillings removed can actually be a really bad thing & rthere should be a proper medical detox not a homepathic one

Hi Wayne, and everyone!

I saw this fact sheet from Bupa which I thought gave a good bit of info about amalgam... the risks and why dentists make the decisions they do when finding the best option for a filling.

Bupa Teeth Info Sheet (http://www.bupa.co.uk/individuals/health-information/directory/d/teeth-restoring)

There are also lots of other good bits of info online about seeing it from the other point of view. The Henry Spink Foundation has a good roundup of some of the more controversial issues and explains why countries such as "Sweden, Germany and Austria, are banning or restricting the use of dental amalgam. There will be a European Union directive in about two years, which is expected to give the right for countries to forbid the use of amalgam".

Henry Spink Dental Amalgam Overview (http://www.henryspink.org/dental_amalgam.htm)

I hope those interested find these a useful starting point,


19th July 2012, 12:15
I have been doing research on mercury as I believe that this could be a cause of MND. Until I looked into it I thought the only source was via amalgam fillings which are 50% mercury, which was worrying enough. The reason I have suspected Mercury is that it is a neurotoxin and is known to be stored in the cells of the body and damage the myelin sheath in nerve endings.

If you look at the prevalence of MND throughout the world it appears to be very high in island nations such as Japan(Kii peninsula), Guam, and Papua New Guinea. My brother who is sceptical of my theory also recently mentioned that Italy has a high incidence and I said, well I'm not surprised as it's a country where seafood is a staple of the diet. All of these nations eat lots of seafood which is known to contain mercury.

Only yesterday I hit upon more links to mercury. I was unaware that it has been used as Thiomersal (an organomercury compound used as a preservative in vaccines since the 1930s to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination, a mercury compound) in contact lense solutions and vaccines (suspected by some of causing autism in children, but not proven).

Then I also read that Mercury is in the air we breathe by virtue of crematoria which expel mercury from fillings of deceased as a vapour in the cremation process.

Some interesting links :


Has anybody here had a heavy metal toxin check ? It cannot be done through blood test but through a process called chelation which involves taking a chelating agent which causes the release of the heavy metal from body cells (detox) into the urine. I am asking my brother to undergo one. If we can prove that mercury is high in MND people then surely removing mercury via detoxification could be of enormous benefit.

21st July 2012, 13:02
I specifically asked my consultant about this. Apparently not relevant to MND altho it is some other diseases - MS I think. M

21st July 2012, 15:25
I now want to add something else that makes me even more suspicious of mercury. I only read this week that crematoria are a known risk as they emit mercury in vapour form from body cremation, via mercury fillings, poisoned body cells etc.

My brother who has been diagnosed with ALS has been living within a mile or so of a crematorium for 25 years. On checking the web I notice that it is now undergoing a refit to include the latest mercury filters in order to comply with environmental standards. Locking the stable door perhaps ?


From their website :


Breakspear Crematorium is set for a radical facelift over the coming months as part of a 4.2 million investment programme agreed between the London Borough of Hillingdon and Harrow Council. The works being undertaken comes after an extensive reviewhttp://www.breakspearcrematorium.com/news.php?newsID=16

Key developments will include improved access facilities, creating space to meet growing demands of users and accommodating the cultural needs of the different communities that use the facilities.

The proposed works include for; A new crematory building with enhanced viewing facilities, new state of the art cremators and mercury abatement equipment to improve energy efficiency and meet new government pollution legislation. A new duel purpose chapel/multipurpose hall, and increased car parking facilities. Other improvements include for new relocated waiting rooms and modern toilets, along with a cafeteria and covered flower terrace.'


21st July 2012, 16:21
One gram can poison a 25 acre lake but on average we have between two and four grams in our mouths. I'm staggered !!!!

From this link:

' The rise in mercury pollution from crematoria is caused by increasing deaths in what dentists describe as the "heavy metal generation" - those in their 40s and above.
These people are dying with more teeth because of better dental care.
But many of those teeth are loaded with potentially dangerous levels of mercury-laced fillings.
Millions of Britons have two to four grams of mercury in their mouths.
Just a single gramme in a 25-acre lake can raise toxic levels in fish to danger levels. '


21st July 2012, 19:31
Does your brother live downwind of the crematorium? Most of us know the prevailing wind for where we are. Here in Wensleydale it comes from the west .


21st July 2012, 20:23
Hi John,

He is just a few degrees off due south (westerly) in a small valley off Swakeleys Road, Ickenham, but I don't know what the prevailing winds are.

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