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31st March 2011, 22:13
Well the time came only 5 months after being diagnosed it was my last day in work today, quite an emotional time saying goodbye to friends and collegues from the past 27 years working at Hinkley Point Power Station.

Just need to make the best of what i have left i guess.


Robyn Copley-Hirst
31st March 2011, 22:17
Hi John,

I'm sorry to hear this came so soon, and can imagine it being a very emotional time of pretty mixed feelings for you. I just wanted to say that I hope you really enjoy spending your free days this summer getting out and about in that new motor home of yours.


31st March 2011, 22:20
Thanks Robyn

yes i pick it up next thursday - if i get my C1 put back on my licence in time


oh yes take a look at my site - link below

31st March 2011, 23:36
hope you enjoy cruising in your new toy now you've retired and that your health plateau's or even improves some so you can get the most out it. I've got to do all my paperwork tomorrow even though I officially retired today aswell, I'm still a bit pensive about the finality of it all though as still got the leaving presentation to come in the near future......

All the best.

1st April 2011, 00:59
Hi John,

Good for you and look forward to getting on the road. Hopefully you will be eligible for the new trial drugs and who knows?

Best wishes


1st April 2011, 08:27
Thanks Guys - i emailed kevin Talbot at oxford yesterday to try and get me on the list for the new trial


Robyn Copley-Hirst
1st April 2011, 10:36
oh yes take a look at my site - link below

I read through your site the other day and added it to my favourites folder, it's looking really good, John :)


hilary walklett
1st April 2011, 16:37
I had mixed felings when I left full-time work for the last time, too. But now, six years on, I'm really enjoying my "retirement", working harder than ever! lol

You enjoy yourself, John - I wish you a very happy time of it.


1st April 2011, 17:03
Enjoy your retirement John, I wont be far behind you ;)
Im just about to go back after being off sick since begining of Feb, looking forward to it and it will be interesting to see what i am still able to do.

Z3 Driver
1st April 2011, 23:41
Good luck John and make sure them new wheels never stop turning .
Good luck also to Adie ,

hope you both can enjoy it for many years to come.

Chris you'll be fine, be positive and take things at a nice easy pace.


2nd April 2011, 22:23
Thanks Guys, and had a bit of good news on Friday - Got the C1 Category back on my licence - it only took 6 months!, at least i can legally drive the motorhome now!


3rd April 2011, 10:38
That's excellent news!

Ange M
4th April 2011, 17:17
Good Luck John & Adie on your retirement. ENJOY

4th April 2011, 17:43
Good luck with your retirement. I had to retire 5years ago. Just take the time to enjoy your family, hobbies and interests. Take up new ones. I've just started a welsh speaking course which with a slurred voice is quite interesting. I don't know how I ever had the time to work. Just get in your motorhome and travel and make the most of your life as your condition will allow.

14th April 2011, 20:28
Well - i collected my new beast yesterday and drove it from Dagenham to Somerset which was quite a feat....

here are some picys


anyone who follows my site - i put my exploits in the blog...

14th April 2011, 20:32
Very smart John ;) its bloody big lol, i would be running over all sorts in that!

Websites looking great by the way.

14th April 2011, 20:52
Thanks Chris, it is a bit big, but its nice to drive - reversing its a bit hit and mis mind you - lol

thanks for your comments on the website - still no google adsense takers though - even though ive embedded the code in each page - i see yours has????


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