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3rd October 2013, 02:25
It really is always something, isnít it??

My older daughter decides to bring a few friends back to my home after they were hanging out at a club over the weekend. These geniuses actually thought it was ok to come back to my home at 3 am to play video games!! Yes, video games at 3 am!! Mind you they are between 21 and 24 years old!! My son has some video game system that they are all obsessed with.

At 3am my house is dark, and have sleeping dogs lying around. Two golden retrievers who are getting up there in age, barely move, and could care less when people come in. Also have a shepherd/husky mix named Sonny, still young and extremely protective, and territorial of his home and family.

Well, unfortunately my daughterís boyfriendís best friend, decided to go off wandering into my dark living room alone, saw Sonny sitting on his chair and went to pet him. Sonny being alone in the dark at 3 am with a stranger in his house is not a good thing! He bit the kidís nose!! Blood everywhere, plastic surgeon required, stitches, scarring!! We are both lucky he still has his nose! Nightmare!! Poor kid, I am just beside myself over thisÖand my husband wonít put the dog down feels he was just being a protective dog??!! You know how I love my dogs, but not acceptable, now I have a 4 legged walking liability on my hands.

Waiting patiently to be sued big time. I swear itís always somethingÖ. Would post this on the ĎRant Threadí but I think Iím using up my quota.


3rd October 2013, 02:50
Good one CC, should've posted it on Dog Lovers,

Keep the dog, he did what he's supposed to do, protect your home, do you want the name of a good Attorney? Ha


3rd October 2013, 07:48
Hi CC,

I am with Ray, the kid ought to know better at his age. Unless he is familiar with the dog he should have left him alone. At 3am after clubbing there must have been alcohol involved. It wouldn't take much of a lawyer to put a stop to any attempt to sue. I thought you could shoot prowlers in your country. I would be more apprehensive here but there you are just protecting your property. Sorry for the kid but it sounds like his actions are what caused the situation, not your dog's fault. I would give him a good hug and extra treats.( the dog not the kid).


PS take a listen to Koolsilver's last offering.

3rd October 2013, 09:48
in US You can have gun for You protection and You cant have protecting dog??
I know all PartyYoungers are welcome everywhere but look from different angle......this kid is lucky this was a JUST a dog not some Grandma whit her be-loving Magnum 45

3rd October 2013, 10:51
Hi CC,

Well I would think he got no more than he deserved, As a question I would want answers too was what the hell was he doing wandering around your house in the first place , it seems the others were not savaged by this dog !!!, so I would consider his motives walking around your house at 3am and question his mental capacity for disturbing a dog at that time ,No CC , I am with the other guys ,,over here I know we have the same culture of getting sued over the stupidest of things these days but anyone with a brain cell that worked would know better ,,seems this idiot got pretty much what he deserved , and now it's your dogs fault for doing what he was there for protecting his home !!!. And your family. Seems the daughters have some responsibility too, I would be having a very meaningful chat with them in the not to distant future about what's acceptable and what isn't , just hope that the dog doesn't suffer for the sake of Human stupidity , hope you get it sorted CC.


3rd October 2013, 14:53
Thanks guys, Sonny certainly would be relieved by your comments lol

Yes, John alcohol involved, kids were drinking, but oddly they told me the guy who was bit was the designated driver! So definitely stupidity involved. As to the why he was in living room, he thought that’s were video game system would be. Oh yes Pete my daughter my and boyfriend were read the riot act and took full responsibility for the situation, but to late the damage was done.

Contacted our attorney immediately, he basically told us we don’t have a leg to stand on. New Jersey has one of the toughest ‘dog bite’ laws. The liability is on the owner of the dog. Unless I can prove he was uninvited into my home, and had criminal intent, or that he was deliberately abusing the dog (hitting, hurting or torturing) the onus is on me. Which there was none of that, stupidity is not defendable in a court of law! I find it amazing we have stricter dog bite laws here, then gun control!

Can only continue to hope that my daughter’s boyfriend’s relationship with this kid is the tie that binds them, and he will elect not to sue. I saw his nose afterwards, not pretty, serious scarring, plastic surgeon stated he was lucky he still had it. Yes, here to as well everyone sues everyone for everything! Of course we offered to pay all his medical expenses which we made clear to my daughter and her boyfriend they will be contributing to that cost as well.

Thanks for the laugh Ray, should have posted on ‘Dog lovers’ thread haha

Whoever coined the term ’the bigger the kids the bigger the problems’ really knew what they were talking about. Thank god for homeowners insurance! Although I’m sure after they pay out on this claim they will drop us!

As far as Sonny is concerned, I am still not speaking to him! Lol


3rd October 2013, 17:47
Hi CC,

Just a thought but don't you have connections with the New York Italian community? Perhaps one of those could have a word in the lads ear and explain that the "family" would prefer he forgot the whole incident.


3rd October 2013, 21:21
Hahahahha Good idea John! I try to use Uncle Vinny and Frankie on an emergency basis only! LOL This one just might qualify. Poor kid has been traumatized enough, hate to have to ’make him an offer he can’t refuse’ lol

Thanks for the laugh, in need of a few!


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