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9th October 2013, 20:00

Has anyone had a Bio-Bidet for a long time? I would love to hear of the experience using it and it's reliability, please.


9th October 2013, 21:34
Hi Michael;
I've had one for three years and have used it every day. It has a small seat length. I have had one major problem with a sensor shutting the pump off. I was still using it but dealer repaired it free of charge on the same day. I live in a very hard water area and even though i had a filter fitted it has still blocked up some of the jets. Can be cleaned fairly easily.
Having said that it is fantastic. For three years I have been able to go to the poo independently. It can make you have an urge with the enema function and wash and dry you squeaky clean.
I have heard that they are not so good for ladies bits.
If you want more info put Bidet in search box, top right of this page.

I think that the fixed loo;s are a bit better but my one does quite well.

Best wishes Terry

10th October 2013, 13:01
i've had mine for almost 3 weeks - so far it has been great but takes a bit of getting used to!! Don't forget your OT or other health professional can apply on your behalf to the MND Association for funding.

10th October 2013, 17:15
Have a closamat loo very good for hands free operation if you will excuse the pun,
First a warm jet followed by a really cold wash ( if you open legs wide enough can wash chin at same time)
Then the bum dryer comes into play a very emotional experience going through the motions,
downside the brave bottom wipers ( BBWs) are made redundant.

Best wishes


10th October 2013, 17:59
Hi Roy

Hope you don't mind me asking did you buy your loo yourself or did you get financial help with it . I hear they are very expensive. Robert does not need one yet. We are just about to finish his wet room and have put a normal loo in for the time being but have put in an electric point for a closamat .

Lyn lily x

10th October 2013, 21:45
Hi Lyn;
I have a small hole through the wall where the cable goes through to a plug outside. I don't think that you would be allowed to have a mains socket in the wet room.

10th October 2013, 22:05
We had a closomat for Irene via the mnda and the wet room was built with a socket ready for connection and eventually the closomat was connected to it. After it's removal the electric point was blanked off. This was all subject to building control inspection so must be permitted.


10th October 2013, 22:40
Thanks to everyone for their, interesting, comments. We have a small wet-room, in conversion, found the Gerberit and Clos-o-Mat both too expensive and too long so will use the Bio-Bidet.


mrs m
14th October 2013, 00:13
unfortunately mr m is no longer in a position to be able to use the bio bidet but i can thoroughly recommend it. Does a wonderful wash and blow dry and warms the deriere up a treat on cold days :o

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