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12th October 2013, 18:28
I went to the Carers Technology event and it was mainly limited to emergency call out systems, with five companies doing much the same sort of thing. Also there were the Fire brigade, Energy watch, Health Watch Suffolk and also a smart phone app that is on trial in Suffolk called App 4 care. It shows other nominated people where you are, has a panic alarm and other bitts a pieces.
Fire and Carers Together.
They will come out and assess your home and situation, and provide suitable equipment. It is free of charge to most of our clients.
They can provide remote systems that will operate bed vibrators and flashing lights for the deaf. These can also be connected to your next door neighbour in extreme cases.
They also can provide a medication bottle that you put in the fridge and contains your repeat prescription list. There are stickers so that the ambulance staff can locate it in the fridge.

There were 5 care companies there providing much the same alarm and call out services.
Contact Care do a standard system that has a personal call point (watch, wrist band call point or pendant), some of these detect falls (extra cost of a 1) and then raise alarm. All of this for around 3 per week. For 1 extra each they can provide Carbon monoxide detectors, Fall out of bed detectors, smoke detectors, pillow vibrating alarms, Temperature max/min detectors, timed tablet safe dispensers that will open at one compartment at time and be audible for 20 minutes and then close and will call centre if not taken. Great for people that forget or get confused.
They also have sink/bath plugs that reach a certain depth of water and then will open releasing the water down the plug hole for 5.
Other things were P I R actuated talking message and an outside key safe. The code operated key safe is a great idea for outside of the door and there is one that is insurance recommended for about 60 called Supra C500 KeySafe . The pir talker could be positioned inside of the front door to remind forgetful people to put on the door chain and ask for I D etc.

These will change from area to area but most of the same sort of things should be available.

25th February 2015, 18:06

Many companies have automatic call detectors that alert them, and then they will phone your home, and then a couple of local people or other you nominate and then the emergency services or have there own people that come out.

So, should you fall and be knocked out, there should be a fail safe system in place. If you make a false alarm, hopefully someone in your house can answer your phone and prevent any further troubles.


11th October 2015, 10:42
Hi Hope;

There are pendents and bracelets that you can press to raise an alarm and also automatic ones of both types that raise the alarm by detecting a falling motion.

Love Terry

1st October 2016, 20:15
Hi Karen;

Just bought this thread back as there's quite a lot of info on it.

Love Terry

24th April 2017, 22:27
Hi Alfies mum;

Just showing you this thread but i will try and reply to your thread tomorrow.

Love Terry

alfies mum
25th April 2017, 12:47
Thanks Terry
I will look at those u highlighted.

16th January 2019, 16:44
Hi Amanda,,

You can look at the start of this thread for ideas and information.

Love Terry

5th February 2019, 02:23
This is great Terry, thankyou x I'm struggling to right myself if i trip now, so I think i could do with a fall detector.
The other thing is the Apple watch has a fall detector that calls for help, it only works with an apple phone though
Lisa x

5th February 2019, 15:36
Hi Lisa,

In addition to the information provided by Terry, there's also some info about 'personal alarms' in this thread, which you might find useful:-

http://http://forum.mndassociation.org/showthread.php?8929-personal-alarms&highlight=Personal+alarms (http://forum.mndassociation.org/showthread.php?8929-personal-alarms&highlight=Personal+alarms)

I hope that you are ok and that you have not been having many falls. Hopefully, your OT has provided you with a rollator (or other walking aid), if you need it.

Love and best wishes to you and your daughter,

Kayleigh x

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