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20th October 2013, 09:02
Dad had his PEG fitted on Tuesday. At the moment he eats normally in the day, albeit smaller portions, and then is pump fed overnight.

He woke up at 5am today with a tummy ache. He sat in the living room from 6am and then at 7am was sick (all over the bathroom floor). He was still rigged up to the pump feed so I disconnected him did a 50ml water flush and at about 8.30am he took himself back off to bed. He's not been sick again since.

I've read through all the literature I was given last week when the PEG was fitted but it says nothing about what to do if they're being/been sick.

It might just be that he simply has a tummy bug, maybe in bed he didn't maintain the 30 to 45 degree angle, or perhaps having had some normal dinner last night and then going on to a 10 hour feed ( as per dietician instructions, in fact it should be a 12 hour feed but the food bags supplied are only 1000 rather than 1200) he was simply over full, like overeating?

I've only just got him home from hospital so I'm desperately trying to avoid that, any ideas? We're due to see the community dietician tomorrow and I shall phone the district nurse to ensure they're in place to check the wound and do the first 'turning' thing......I'm not panicking or anything just after some ideas/feedback or if anybody has experienced anything similar?

20th October 2013, 12:57
Hi Cookewitch,
Just thinking that your Dad is having quite a lot of feed so soon. I had to increase the amount of feed gradually over a few weeks, to allow my stomach to get used to it. (I also was eating smallish portions of normal food. )
I think you have rightly identified 2 possible causes for his being sick; maybe he was too full and from experience, it’s not a good feeling if I am lying flat or near flat during a feed.

20th October 2013, 14:02
Ellie has the good advice Cookewitch, go slow and gradually increase, good luck I hope you get into a routine

21st October 2013, 11:41
Thanks, just seen the dietician. He has agreed to reduce both the flow per hour and total volume.....we shall give that a whirl tonight and see how we go. I'll also make sure we have 'proper' dinner earlier so there's a bigger gap between that and and the night feed starting :)

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