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29th October 2013, 10:33
Well yesterday was Dad's 72nd birthday....I booked the day off so we could spend it together. To say the day didn't go well would be an understatement!!!

Firstly his PEG food pump started alarming at 5.20am! Then at 8.30am there was an almighty crash from Dad's room and he'd fallen...for some bizarre reason he'd decided to walk from the living room to his bedroom to put something in the bin despite there being one in the living room....anyway I simply couldn't get him up. I managed to get him up to sitting and leaning back against the bed. I then had to wait for the only youngish neighbour to come back from walking his dog and ask him to help me get him up. Dad just couldn't do anything to help me he's so weak now.

We then had to endure a PEG nurse visit, district nurse visit, dietician visit and OT visit. The OT is going to order a profiling bed and is going back today when I'm at work to take Dad some new walking aids to try out as the walking stick is clearly no longer enough.

As it was his birthday I wanted to make something special so did Salmon in a lemon and chive butter with some mash and extra hollandaise sauce to make sure it was moist enough etc. Apparently it was too dry, made him choke and he only had a few mouthfulls.

For dessert I'd made one of his favourites a Banoffee pie.....only a few mouthfulls and choking on that too.

To top it off he then decided it would be a good time to tell me that he thinks he's becoming incontinent. I say tell me but this is all one word messages on the ipad as his sentence construction and ability to choose the right word is now flawed.

I think we've concluded that he gets the signal to go but the by the time he's got there the battle to undo the button and fly on his cords is too long and he has a bit of an accident. I've been saying for a while we need to look at easier to use clothes, elasticated waists etc but he's ignored me. I think he's now seeing the benefit and has stayed in pj bottoms today until I can get him some sloppy joes.

All in all it was a bad day, hopefully today will be better. Lord knows what would have happened if the fall had been whilst I was at work.....I need to make the call for a Lifeline thingamajig I think? How does that work when he can't talk....who knows....and of course another expense...

Sorry for whingeing....somedays it all seems to go to pot....yesterday was that day!

29th October 2013, 10:52
Hi, I got an emergency call button which can be worn around the neck or wrist. All you have to do is press the button and the alarm is sent out. It can be Programmed with two or three contact numbers . I got mine through council care manager. If there is a danger of falling I would recommend getting urgently. Last fall I had resulted in five horrendous hours on the floor, requiring an ambulance and special lift equipment, and visit from GP to check for damage. Not a pleasant experience! Wish I had the emergency call button earlier. Carol

29th October 2013, 14:27
Hi Carol,

What I can say from many years fitting alarms is ,that you can also get the man down type, ,sorry if this sounds a bit sexist, its the name of the pendant ,much the same as the one you have but in addition it has a tilt micro inside and if its tilted for whatever time its set for it generates the alarm in the instance you could be knocked out or laying unable to press the button/s. the only problem is that if you take it off and forget to stand it in its holder, you also set it off !!!, they were originally designed for Lone workers or security guards on remote sites ,but in recent times adapted for folk like us , Piper was the best known and used by most local councils

29th October 2013, 14:37
Thanks I have the 'Lifeline' leaflet which is the locally run scheme. I will give them a call :)

29th October 2013, 14:49
Hi CW,

Sorry to hear the day didn't go as you hoped, What I have found from experience is two things that you do need to consider if Dads getting unsteady on the pins, .First is a walking stick is not much use once the balance is affected and you need to consider a Rollator ,many types around and three or four wheeled types the latter being more stable but generally bigger ,,hope that's of some use , the second is ,and I know from personal experience is that the urine bottle is invaluable, the ones the NHS supply have a lid but if there like the one I was given ,cost about a quid and to say it works is about it !! ,they do sell a better version on line and it is much better with a lid that actually works for about a fiver ,well worth it . As for the In house alarm system he dosn't need to speak usually by the phone there will be the master unit,, if the alarm is activated the control room staff ring in and talk to the resident, if no response is heard they follow a pre arranged sequence of ringing numbers or contact the ambulance service. hope this is of some use

29th October 2013, 14:56
Thanks Pete. I did buy a couple of urine bottles last week which he uses through the night but I've told him to have them in the living room to avoid any uneccesary journeys.

I'm hoping that the walking aids delivered by the OT today will be one of the four wheel rollers, these are only to try though as they only supply zimmers or zimmers with wheels, if we decide the roller is the best option we'll have to buy one ourselves. Fortunately we have Proctor health care in Eastbourne so they're bound to have them.....they had the wee bottles :)

1st November 2013, 10:16
Well dad is now using a four wheel walker with trays, seems much stabler! I also have the Lifeline people coming round on 15 November to install a key safe, and the lifeline including a fall detector. It's all go!

Oh and I'm going to see Go West in concert on the 9 November.....dreamy.....posters of them all over my walls in the 80's!

1st November 2013, 10:58
Good to see things are looking up for you.

1st November 2013, 20:46
Good for you cookewitch have a treat what is it they say little of what you fancy does you good we have booked to go away for new year using the motorhome hope the heating works. G

1st November 2013, 20:52
Hi laila. Yes have call button last year one of her falls resulted in a fractured hip, that was before diagnosis. See you have a four legged friend ours doesn't do squeakers but food and best place on settee now you are talking gerald

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