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31st October 2013, 11:27
Good Morning All, an amusing little story at my expense LOL

I headed over to my local Church Rectory to have the L-Serine supplements for Terry & Frank blessed before flying off on Terry’s pigeon. It was one of the crazy windy days where even the car shakes a bit from the winds being so strong.

The Church Rectory has about four or five concrete steps up to the front door. I rang the buzzer, and waited for the Priest’s response on the intercom to ask who it is. I tell him it’s me, and I need a blessing. I could almost hear him sigh, and see the rolling of the eyes (I bless everything! I could hold the record in the Guinness Book of World Records for most requested blessings by a person lol) He finally comes to the door, an older man, very much the stereotype Irish Catholic looking Priest. There is a screen door in front of the main door. As I go to open the screen door to go inside, an incredibly strong gush of wind creates such a force causing the screen door to fly open and knocks me down, causing me to fall backwards down the cement steps! Honestly, don’t know how I didn’t crack my head open on the steps (my husbands always says I’m thick headed so I guess it came in handy lol)

Still managed to hold on to the supplements, ripped my jeans behind my knee, hurt my ankle, and have a black and blue butt Lol The crazy part is the Priest just stood there at the top of the steps staring down at me!? His secretary who looked about 80, thin as a bone, and on the frail side, came rushing out to help me, pushing past the Priest!! I thought the wind was actually going to scoop her up and take her flying into the parking lot! The Priest said from the top of the steps ‘Are you ok?’ his hand was over his mouth as if trying to contain his laughter!? I said ‘Yes yes I’m fine’ as I limped into the Rectory. His secretary told me to sit down, not to walk on my ankle, and offered me something to drink. Bless her she was the sweetest thing. The Priest asked me in that exacerbated tone ‘What do you need blessed this time?’ I explained about the supplements, and must say, he gave a Beautiful Blessing.

Terry, Frank, will take one for the team any day!! and L-Serine is on it’s way :)

God Bless :)

31st October 2013, 16:00
Hi Cc;

I hope you ok and did not brake anything like paving slabs, etc.

When I was about 18, i was very fit and strong. I came out of my old Nan's house after visiting her and went to jump on to of her wall whilst running with a motor bike crash hat in my hands.
I noticed two youngish girls walking on the path the other side of the wall but new I could make it over in front of them with being too close. By then I had taken my eye off the wall and my leap was an inch or two too low, this meant my leading foot hit it and my momentum pivoted me so that I was heading for the path head first.
The other side of the five foot wide path was about 6 feet of grass before the curb and then road. Quick thinking and lightening reactions was in order, so I managed to bring my trailing leg forward on top of the wall and propel my now nearly horizontal body over the path. I manager to place my new crash hat down on the grass like a great rugby try, whilst doing a semi somersault and a half forward roll ending up with me on my feet next to my bike.
These girls looked at me in horror, and then relaxed a bit walking on.
I said to them they can laugh and that I was OK.

You should have heard them then as they walked away.

All the best Terry

2nd November 2013, 01:20
Can't think of anything to say CC. Mainly because I'm trying to 'keep it clean' and also because I am chuckling away to myself, just like your priest, really sorry.
But at least I know what that minor tremor was the other night ;)
Just like to give my gratitude to your butt for 'taking one for the team' and hope your hubby is giving it a regular massage. ;)

2nd November 2013, 11:25
Hi Frank, Terry

LMAO (although still sore) It’s ok, my butt can handle being the ‘butt’ of the joke :)

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