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12th April 2011, 20:12
Hi everyone we have finally moved back 2 be nearer family after several months of trying to sell our property! our local council have been really helpful and we have been given a 2 bed property which the kids love! Mik is coping really well now that we have moved had a difficult time over christmas where he became very down and started having panic attacks but the tablets they put him on have been fantastic just wish we had moved sooner now!! We have got lots to look forward to as we are getiing married in july finally! lol mik has his good days and bad days the mnd is still only affecting his arms at the moment but he does feel his legs feel weaker and is tired alot more and aching alot especially in the mornings after a restless nights sleep. please feel free to write back thanks jodie x

13th April 2011, 07:59
Hi Jodie, we are also looking to move as our house will not be suitable for the adaptions we will eventually need so hopefully council will be as helpful with us! You said Mik is having restless nights which Gerald was also suffering with until he started taking 0.5mg clonazepam and quinine before bed, this really helped his muscles to relax and he now sleeps much better. Also a cup of bovril before bed helps with the cramps! Somebody told me the other day a glass of tonic water also does this but Gerald hasnt tried this yet so not sure if it does but definitely worth a try. Hope this helps, Kelly x

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