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21st November 2013, 18:25
We have had some 'confusing' information about PEG feeding.

How long does a full PEG feed take to administer and how many per day?

We were told about 5 hours and two feeds per day - so does that mean you would be housebound for at least 10 hours?

Also we were told you need to sit upright while being fed so that rules out an overnight feed.

Have we got it wrong?

Keith ( aka Brazilnut)

21st November 2013, 19:01
It will depend on the kind of feed and how much, my husband has a 500ml and has had 1000ml overnight without any problem and he sleeps at about 25-30 degree angle. It more to do with how fast you have it set up to go in and how much they can tolerate it. They have given us a travel bag to take out too so you don't have to stay in just make sure that the machine is fully charged beforehand, and you have water and syringes, and gloves for flushing. Its like a little back pack you can take it out in. Hope that helps xx Ang

22nd November 2013, 09:09
As said above it varies. My dad has normal food during the day at the moment and then he's pump fed for 10 hours overnight. He has to make sure that he sleeps at 30 to 45 degree angle. Dad is choking more and more on the normal food and today refused breakfast so we see the dietician on Monday about upping the PEG feeds so ours is all subject to change.

Some are fed by bolus which means syringe fed through the tube rather than the pump, some are pump only and some use a combination of the two.

Our OT arranged a hospital bed for us which means keeping dad at the right angle overnight is much easier. He's just had to get used to not sleeping on his side, but that's no bad thing as if he rolled onto his back whilst flat he couldn't breathe, now he's propped he can breathe better too.

Our PEG feed are arranged by Nutricia Homeward and they provide a nurse who can pop round if you give them a call etc so it's very well supported. Hopefully when you're all set up you'll with with the same or a similar firm.

23rd November 2013, 09:16
Thanx for the replies ... guess we'll have to ask for clarification from the Dietitian.

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