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28th November 2013, 02:39
These kids today…they really can drive you to drink…

Was having coffee at my table with my oldest daughter who will be turning 22 in February. This is her fourth year of college, with still no end in immediate sight. She was of those kids who struggled with academics all thru her school years and still doing so in college trying to get her BA in Education. She’s a great kid, works hard as assistant preschool teacher, and a full time student, but she’s off in never never land a lot, if you know what I mean lol

I said to her, ‘You know, technically you should be graduating come this May, are we getting close??’
She says thinking hard ‘uumm no not close’ I said ‘You really have to get your act together, focus more on your credits and classes, you don’t want to be in college till your 30’

She says ’No worries Mamacita, I was just reading my horoscope and it said in 2013 my life was really going to come together and I will really have a clear direction of what I’m doing in life and will have it all figured out’ So I said ‘Really, well you only have a month left to do that’ She looks at me puzzled and confused and says ‘Oh, I do ???’

Lol God help me….

28th November 2013, 05:50
Brilliant cc that did make me laugh.talking of kids and finances I mentioned to mine that after my widows pension stops in feb(we only get it for the first 52 weeks after spouses death ) I only had my wage of 200 pounds a month coming in to rely on my eldest daughter piped up " you could get a job delivering pizza,they take on really old people.we have one that delivers near us he looks about 70. "?!!!!!!!!!! I was really miffed,bad enough old ,but REALLY old was what topped it off for me lol.I'm only 54 for goodness sake.cue much laughter from my other daughter. kids eh.hope you are keeping well.love as always,caroline xxx

28th November 2013, 13:08
LOL that is Hilarious Caroline!! It's reassuring to know 'us old folks' can still be delivery pizza boys if the need arises :)

Stay well
CC xxx

28th November 2013, 14:52
Your posts made me laugh. Our daughter comes in all the time to see her Dad, we always say she is 40 going on 12. The lovely thing is we can be having a really bad day but by the time she has gone home we have a smile on our faces as she makes us laugh so much. Hope everyone is having a good day. Love Diane

28th November 2013, 17:20
Hi CC,
Like you I have a daughter who is a teaching assistant and last Saturday we went to her graduation ceremony. I felt so proud but sad as well as she is hoping to get a job in the USA and if successful we will miss her.

Best wishes,

29th November 2013, 12:46
Will agree with that Diane, my daughter is always the life of the party with her, as I like to call her 'wack-a-doddleness' she brightens my day every day :)

That's certainly a lot to be proud about Barry! Wishing your daughter all the best of luck, and success in her teaching profession, and if she makes it over the pond to do just that. My niece just passed her nursing boards, and she is hoping for a job in Switzerland ! I think these kid's today believe the grass really is greener on the other side. Good for them! They should go out and seek their lives and adventures but I think it takes age and wisdom to realize 'There is no place like home'


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