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4th December 2013, 22:20
Hi everyone, hope you dont mind me sharing this in the off topic section but our lovely daughter jo. aka on here as the beauty within had her 24 week scan and we are to be once again proud grand parents to a baby girl in april. More importantly both are fine, mind you i still say im far to young for 7 grand kids lol. Take care everyone best wishes gerald xxxx

5th December 2013, 02:36
Hi Gerald

Congrats!! Wonderful news! I didn't know 'the beauty within' was your lovely daughter. Congrats to her as well :) 7 Grand kids!! A blessing in itself. Wishing your gang all the best.

Just wondering, is that a beer bottle or wine bottle in your picture? haha


5th December 2013, 07:57
Lovely news Gerald. You are so lucky to have so many grandchildren with you being so young. Not a sniff of one here but enjoying the grandparent in waiting role. Absence of grandchildren may be because I am so young. I would have liked them there at our ruby wedding last year!

5th December 2013, 10:16
Brilliant news....the more the merrier when it comes to grandkids I reckon..... :)

5th December 2013, 18:14
Many congratulations, what a lovely event to look forward to in the new year. Glad to hear all is well with them, Diane

5th December 2013, 20:22
HaHa CC that's a whiskey bottle in the avatar.....Gerald does often talk about having a glass.......Laila and I are in the G and Ts club and I think I am now drinking her share...I hope she is getting some through the peg....remember Rory did that with fine red wine, you gotta keep going with necessary fortification!
Congratulations Gerald, a baby is wonderful news and will surely keep up your spirits, well done beauty within....soon beauty with out or beauty with bump....I cold go on but best not to!

5th December 2013, 21:11
Congratulations Gerald :)

5th December 2013, 21:46
Thanks guys had to tell the world some how yes its a 25yr old malt in the avatar so i can toast all you wonderful people.
Gerald xxxx

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