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18th December 2013, 00:33
When CC posted about Rays of sunshine on this forum, I thought I haven't seen Roy on here too much lately.....is he ok? remember the banter he used to have with Rory and Pete and others?
I do hope you are fighting on Roy, post if you can
with love and hugs

18th December 2013, 08:50
when You mean Roy P. yes he was of for hospital but now he be back home. I was have small chat whit him yesterday.

byt yes still I missing his posts so Roy start tipping.......PLEAS

19th December 2013, 00:32
Thank you so much Alienista606, I love your posts too and the avatar with your little girl, I hope you will have a lovely Christmas...
and yes Roy P get tipping, and stick to upper case no bottom case please! I hope you are able to fight another battle being back at home, and will be able to be there for Christmas.
much love to you both and your families

19th December 2013, 11:32
Hi Debbie & Max' and every one of the brave & caring

I'm still here tiping but with a real challenge first with fingers ( resolved with a gizmo thingamajig ) now my blessed arms
work on and off so I frequently look in to see what's going on.had a peg fitted a couple of weeks ago with no problems.
Just wanted to wish a happy Christmas and a hopeful new year.

Love Roy xxxxxxxxxxxhugsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

19th December 2013, 15:30
Hi Roy good to see your post, I hope that the peg is a success for you. Same here with the hands and arms. Best wishes for Christmas and New Year Carol

19th December 2013, 16:24
Good to hear from Roy and Carol. Have not yet got my head round who is who amongst the newbies but am sending my warmest wishes to everyone and special thoughts to those having Christmas without their loved ones.

19th December 2013, 18:58
Yes, good to hear from you both.

All the best for Christmas ETC. Terry

21st December 2013, 16:31
Hi Roy,
Good to hear from you!
I donít have enough strength in my fingers or arms to use a mouse, keyboard or touch screen. Instead of a mouse, I use a Point-It USB joystick with a switch and an onscreen keyboard. I have a feeling that the joystick is only compatible with Windows.
Take care, Ellie.

21st December 2013, 16:56
You do well with the joy stick Ellie;

Have you tried other things, like eye glaze or head mouse?

I can still use my hands but things are getting worse.

Regards Terry

21st December 2013, 18:45
Hiya Terry,
I've used the (free to download) cameramouse.org which takes a bit of time to set up, but it works well for those who can hold up their heads. My nose is the focal point.
I've had a demo on an eye gaze system, am trying to keep one step ahead of my deterioration, like you. For now the joystick works well and is faster than the others.
Ellie x
ps waiting to see what you'll be wearing after Christmas!

21st December 2013, 20:50
Hiya Ellie;

I have used camera mouse and demoed Eye gaze. I have found them quite tiring on my brain, mind you I am a man and not used to multi tasking. I was impressed with camera mouse and did manage to control the whole computer with it. I can see why you use your nose as the focal point. Mind you your lips look pretty good too and your eyes are amassing. Main problem was scrolling up and down pages and clicking on every program as there are not many resting places.

I have tried a few switch programs but most are long winded and complected. Did have the opportunity to try out an old SL85 lightwrighter which was basic and quite easy but the screen is too small. I am still looking into things.

I have three costumes, I would have thought that you would have been here long enough to know next one.

Love Terry

22nd December 2013, 10:02
Hi Ellie , I am using natural point with smart nav, which tracks a reflective dot on my glasses. Virtual keyboard and two large button switches for mouse clicks. Works very well. Carol

22nd December 2013, 12:13
Hi Carol;

Do you find it a strain using that, I guess that button clicking saves the risk of unwanted letters and programs being opened up. Are you using an I Pad?

Love Terry

22nd December 2013, 17:32
Terry, LMAO ‼ You enrich this forum soooo much.

22nd December 2013, 17:34
Carol, I watched a few videos on the Smart Nav tech. The dot for tracking is interesting; does it then mean that the dot doesn’t have to be placed in the exact same spot every time? Towards the end of the day, I can get a bit droopy!
Thanks for sharing.
Ellie x

23rd December 2013, 09:21
Hi Terry, I'm using a PC with the natural point and smart nav. But still use my iPad at times, mostly use the microphone to type with, occasionally with my hands if they are up to it, and for some games

Ellie, the dot is permanently fixed to my glasses so it can't be moved. The system is quite sensitive so once you have set up it is more or less fixed. Neck droopiness is a problem with me as well. Since I am using head movements for the mouse then neck fatigue can be a problem. The natural point sensor at the top of the computer can be adjusted by someone else if needs must and the mouse pointer can be recentred using a function key on the keyboard but I need someone else to help me do that. Overall the PC setup is very good

23rd December 2013, 13:49
Hi joystick and dot gang,

Thank you for giving me some Ideas,shame my so called speech therapist couldn't share any information,
Ive looked online so far only expensive products from states any tips gratefully received.


23rd December 2013, 16:55
A wet blanket would be more useful than my one to Roy. Lovely Girl but does not know a thing about speech machines.

Find out what you can and ask Mnda if they can help. Sometime the speech therapist can get things and you need her to ask Mnda for things as well. If you can get to disability shows they are often displayed and can be tried.

I have a joystick and I am a bit dotty, Terry .

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