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18th December 2013, 10:57
Just to say, this is not a moan although it starts off sounding like it is, I am very excited at the moment ...

I'm getting fed up with sedate wanders along the windy promenade - lovely though they are. I can't take the children to the park or nip to the local shop. And having no control whatsoever when I'm in the uncomfortable transit chair we've borrowed, very awkward in the shops.

I dream of pootling along our local beach, giggling with the children and chasing the dog - even at 2mph! And once again joining our dog walking group in the park. I have just seen something to make my heart leap with excitement:


I know there might be more practical choices for the long term and NHS hurdles to leap or get flattened by. But finding this has made me happy so I thought I'd share the joy and I wondered if anyone has any experience of such chairs or acquiring these sorts of things?


18th December 2013, 15:39
Hi Caroline;

I went to a disability show in Peterbourgh nearly two years ago and they had them there. Topgear had a challenge and one of the army chaps was using one.

They would be great to go out in but I think to big for the house. I opted for a stand up chair that is good inside and out but could not go on steep slopes or soft grass.

The you seen the manual beach chair that runs on sand and goes in the water and floats?

Keep dreaming, Terry

18th December 2013, 21:55
I haven't seen that! I'm going to have to look that up, it'd be great when we get a beach hut next summer. We live 5 mins from the beach and over the road from a big park, hence my strong desire to get an all-terrain chair. I hope it's not just a dream - but if it is, it's a good one which'll keep me going for a while!


19th December 2013, 17:31
My mum had a Fieldmaster that was excellent for the type of terrain you are talking about. Only downside is that it was too wide to be used around the house - although it was ok in shopping centres. The idea when it was bought was that it would allow my mum to take the dog out for walks.

19th December 2013, 17:35
Take a look at this one, although it’s not for me as I would need one with a cutout for a can. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl00yaRmwao There are others on the market.

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