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19th December 2013, 02:18
Hi Gang

Wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas from just over the pond :)

Decided to decorate my house early this year in order try and keep the Christmas spirit a bit longer. My husband surprised me with a set of gorgeous lighted Angels for our front lawn (love Angels) to add to everything else that’s sparkling, twinkling, rotating and singing out there! Lol

Finally got myself a new all white Christmas tree. We have the traditional evergreen Christmas tree, that has all those school crafted ornaments my kids made when growing up, plus the ones we accumulated over time. Then there is my all white Angel Tree, my own special xmas tree. My Angel Tree is an assortment of different Angel ornaments that I collected thru the years, and wrapped in white lights. One of my favorite ornaments is an Angel holding a replica bell just like the one on the xmas tree from the classic movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. In scripted on the bell is that famous line from the movie, remember it…? :)

Happy to say I now have an English Angel on my tree, that flew across the Atlantic from your land! Terry sent me a Christmas card last year that just happened to have a beautiful unique Angel on it! (what are the odds?) So I lamented it, punched a hole on top, tied a Christmas ribbon thru it and hung it on my tree! My old Angel Tree was becoming to small to hold all my Angels. Fallen Angels with glue holding their wings together just wouldn’t do. Now have a new luminous large six footer one, Yay!

There are many spectacular lighted, and decorated homes in the neighborhood. There is one in particular, in the town of Colts Neck, that is really amazing! A holiday tradition that’s always a must for us to visit. This neighborhood is an extremely wealthy one. The homes are no smaller then mansions, and mini mansions. This home opens it’s massive front gates to the masses, to stroll the grounds and enjoy. The home is surrounded by a forest of trees. Every tree in the forest is lit up!! Just incredible! Every inch of the mansion is lighted and glowing in everything Christmas! Along with a winter wonderland of characters on the lawn. A barn holding all of Santa’s reindeer (the mechanical ones) A life size, full blown sculptured Nativity, that would have impressed Michael Angelo, shining in the spotlight. Along with a full choir of Carolers singing Christmas songs. Also a few carts scattered about, manned by Santa’s helpers serving hot chocolate, and Christmas candies for children. All done in very elegant taste. A truly beautiful sight to behold! At the front doors of this mansion there is a large box asking for donations for the American Cancer Society, and an inscription of why they do this every year. This family lost their seven year old son to this disease, and want their son to see his home from heaven…and hear Carolers singing his favorite Christmas songs.

Do hope for all of you who struggle with this illness, and the caregivers, families, friends, and especially those of you who lost your loved one, are making the very most of the holiday season in all the ways that bring you Comfort and Joy.

Of course, in loving memory of those forum members we lost, must raise a glass to them. Having read those posts, to me showed how they lived this battle with so much courage, hope, dignity and grace, and certainly a lot of humor. No doubt they have God, and his army of Angels slapping their knees, and cracking up! “Cheers to them”, and “Cent’ Anni to us” Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a very Hopeful coming New Year.

Much Love
xox CC xoxo

For those of you who can't remember that famous line...'Just for you' :)


19th December 2013, 10:28
Merry Christmas CC :)

19th December 2013, 21:51
Hi cc,
Happy happy Christmas to you too. Keep smiling,
Big hugs,
Mandy x

19th December 2013, 22:03
Hi cc merry xmas to you as you said will raise a glass to those who are no longer with us and a little silent reflection. Best wishes. Gerald

19th December 2013, 23:39
A lovely festive message CC. Thank you.....all the best to you, and yours. Merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy new year!
Pete XX

20th December 2013, 09:03
That's a Lovely message. Best wishes to all of you xxx

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