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20th December 2013, 13:16
We were refused an indoor/outdoor electric wheelchair some months ago because Peter was not disabled enough. We are now benefitting from a new initiative that is funded by NHS and MNDA. There is a specialist MND OT who is part of. Two year initiative to help, among other things, Address the anomalies that exist for people with MND. We can expect to take possession of the chair on the 2nd January. Has it be good news. Thanks to MNDA and local professionals.


20th December 2013, 16:39
That's great news Magic' I have the same service in Oxford.'the electric. Wheel chair is liberating.

Best wishes


20th December 2013, 23:20
Great news magic we have our powered wheel chair already even though mrs b can still transfer to the normal one as ive said before post code lottery again it makes you mad. Regards gerald xxx

21st December 2013, 07:52
Dad's indoor electric chair arrives Monday......I worry about transferring to and from it....and it's a shame he still won't be able to go out and about....not that he wants to....but the option would be nice.

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