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20th April 2011, 15:49
Dear God, the things I get to write about. I have made a discovery of huge importance and just have to tell the world.

It is possible to buy a replacement toilet seat which has separate water and electricity supplies and which allows both toilet and washing functions in the same place (ie without moving to a separate pedestal). Now, as you know I've lost the use of my legs and at best can stand long enough to swivel towards a different seat. So the conbined toilet/bidet saves me a difficult transfer between two pedestals. I thought that fact alone would be enough to justify the expense and ordered one on the web.

I had some reservations, of course. Would it be plasticky, or too delicate, or too hard to keep clean?

Well, installation took just a couple of hours (one plumber and one electrician). My first 'go' was encouraging, my second even more so. I'm now starting to find it indispensable. There are no difficulties, it is easy as pie to use and it has extra functions which are meaningful. Here's an idea of what it can do. Heated toilet seat, spray wash (bums), spray wash (ladies only), spray with altrernate hot/cold water, spray with alternate high/low pressure, continuous high pressure spray (described as enema function), warm air dryer, catalytic deodoriser - and all from a remote control handset. There's even a setting for use by children, and all the nozzles supplying the spray can be moved fore and aft with the remote control and are cleaned automatically before and after use. Build quality seems excellent.

So, if you are looking for a solution like this, let me encourage you because I am really delighted with the machine. At the moment I can see no predictable problems. I bought a Hyundai Bidet HDBR-550NI for 400, follow this link (copy and paste to your browser until I fing out how to make it hyperlink) to learn more. I know of only one other wc/bidet combination, made by Gerberit, and I can tell you nothing at all about it. ?Which? - eat your hearts out!

I've taken this from my blog, view the whole by searching on google 'robin142857'

http://bidet-seats.co.uk/Hyundai_Remote_Controlled_Computerized_Computerise d_Bidet_Seat_features.aspx

patrick joyce
20th April 2011, 17:22
I use, as do many others, a clos-o-mat. This is an entire replacement toilet that washes, dries and flushes for you. The MND association kindly paid for mine. It is an incredible thing, that allows you to retain your dignity and independance long, long after you would otherwise have to ask others to wipe your bum for you. I love mine, and am reluctant to go away nowadays lest i need the loo. Recommended.

20th April 2011, 18:59
They sound very similar. Certainly I too love what it does for my independence - priceless - and don't want to contemplate life without it. I suppose that's a warning as well as a recommendation?

I've just had a look at Clos-o-mat on the web. It seems that the big difference is that it can be installed in a shower whereas the Hyundai cannot. The latter does have a number of extra functions, though, and adds to the choices available in this limited market.

20th April 2011, 23:34
Hi Robin,

Nice product.

Make that 320 as this is a VAT exempt product designed for the terminally ill. :D

The installation and delivery charges are VAT exempt. :D

Best wishes


21st April 2011, 15:55
Hi Graham,

The near 400 I quoted is the price without VAT. But nothing as good as this ever came cheap!


24th April 2011, 19:28
Hi Patrick
I am getting one of these soon.What is the height of yours and how do you get on and off it?

28th April 2011, 01:40
Wow! Great product. The product is very cost effective and efficient. I've tried it in my friends house. I am looking forward in buying that product. Thanks for the post.

2nd May 2011, 23:53
HI all
hope all is well? I think that if someone is eligible for the disabled facilities grant (on certain benefits such as council tax benefit) then it could be something that the OT could recommend and the local authority fund. worth a try for anyone who hasn't got a spare 400. I've looked at a few different models for another relative
the two that our OTs mentioned are the closomat and biobidet.

all the best

5th May 2011, 15:06
My husband uses the clos-o-mat and feels pretty much the same as Patrick - the big thing is retaining dignity and independence and in the 6 years we've had it, it has given him just that. Fantastic.

5th May 2011, 19:39
I have a biobidet downstairs and a closomat upstairs. Love them both, although I feel that I still need to be wiped afterwards. But I feel really clean after using them. My kids and carers don't use them (I think!)

when I stayed in my hospice last year, I made everyone wipe me with wet wipes after I used the toilet. Just call me Howard Hughes! There's no going back...


6th May 2011, 13:04
Good to hear peoples view about clos-o-mat. I am getting one soon but am concerned about its height.Do most people get wheeled on to them or have sufficient arm strength to get off?I cant write much at the moment but hope to get dragon software working again.My arms are quite weak and my legs are not good


6th May 2011, 16:41
Hi Paul

When my closomat was put in my OT ordered a shower chair that should have fitted over the toilet. But it didn't and was too big for me anyway. I had to give it back. I can still weight bear, so my carers help me on and off.


7th May 2011, 12:58
Hi Sarah

Thanks fo the quick reply.I see you have had mnd for some time,so you are doing well that you can still stand.I hope I will be the same though not so sure as my legs feel quite weak.Do you know you can get seat raisers that fit on the closomat,but they are axpensive


7th May 2011, 17:17
I have a Clos-o-mat on 2" raised plinth and cannot fault it.

7th May 2011, 23:27
Hi Paul

My closomat has been raised, so that's OK. Don't know what will happen if my legs give out. I've had the worst OT's. They have never measured anything correctly.

I hope everything works out for you.

Best wishes


27th May 2011, 18:01
For the benefit of those coming to this thread in future, I discover that the Clos-o-mat and Gerberit are full joint toilet and bidet systems wheras the Hyundai and BioBidet systems are self-contained seating systems which replace the existing toilet seat while continuing to use the original sanitary ware. The price of the complete toilet / bidet systems seems to be aroung the 2000 mark, the price of the replacement seating systems is around 400.

I have now had over a month to get used to the Hyundai. How did I ever manage without it?

15th July 2011, 20:21
Had the Closomat rep round today, 2,400 for the toilet and 600 installation....... Brilliant product but daylight robbery in my opinion especially in view it doesn't look like the council will assist in any form. What price is dignity eh?

15th July 2011, 20:40
What a rip off, from my experience if you've worked all your life your stuffed if your a dole boy your laughing


15th July 2011, 21:38
I believe they were originally made for rich people too posh to wipe, but found they were more popular for people with disabilities! I will be looking into getting one for my extension when its done, if theres any funds left :rolleyes:

15th July 2011, 21:47
What a rip off, from my experience if you've worked all your life your stuffed if your a dole boy your laughing


Don't get me started, well ok then...... 3k for a toilet, 2-3k for a wet room, 6-8k for a lift, 5k upfront cost for mobility car to get a scooter in, widen doors n add ramps for wheel chair et al 1-1.5k.

Pay tax n NI all your life, won't see a penny of all pension payments to govt, never claimed any benefits then get **** all help from the govt when you need it. A seriously unhappy bunny at the moment grrr.

25th August 2011, 15:28
I have an Astor Bannermann toilet chair used just once by my husband before hi suntimely death from MND. It is compatible with the bio bidet if anyone would like to buy it - in aid of MNDA funds. It is a very good product. I am in Norfolk and would need it to be collected.

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edit - Thank you so much for thinking to help someone else with this offer, Mary. I have removed your personal contact info so that it isn't public any more. Anyone interested in this feel free to post a response within the thread and if there are any communication problems with Mary being a new member contact myself and I'll be happy to help.


25th August 2011, 18:57
Thank you Robyn.

MND Connect helpline