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23rd December 2013, 07:21
Does anyone else have electric chair, rita is having one delivered thanks to mnd association. She has trouble getting from couch to standing position and was told this will put her in standing pos. Also more comfy than trying to move around on than couch as it reclines any tips with these chairs please. X

23rd December 2013, 11:35
Hi Svobbysnack. Peter has a riser/recliner chair provide by continuing health care OT. It is great help in elevating him so that he can rise from the chair independently. He is less happy with the recliner function as reclining on his back makes breathing more difficult. Hope that yours does the business.


23rd December 2013, 14:28
We have one loaned by the MNDA too. It's been a god send. As dad's hands get weaker he finds it harder to push up from the risen position to fully standing now but up to now it's been great.....the problem we have isn't the chair's fault, it's MND's fault for constantly making life more difficult.

My dad loves the recline function as he reclines enough to be comfortable and snooze but still upright enough to not effect his breathing.

The chair they've loaned us is very simple to use......just very loud and clunky they did service it but the clunking is back.....normally makes us giggle though.....as long as it doesn't actually break down!

23rd December 2013, 15:04
I managed to get one off of the OT and social services, Shock Horror. It was made to measure and has a special seat. My Mnda was great but became uncomfortable for me.

They are a great help, I to would have heaps of trouble getting up from a normal chair.


23rd December 2013, 22:28
mum had one. it is important to get the measurements right in terms as it will affect positioning, coffort, ease of movement. OTs should be able to provide- hope you have a good area that can source one
best wishes

25th December 2013, 01:23
Thankyou for replies glad they seem to be working and are useful also wishing you all a lovely christmas xxx

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