View Full Version : arrg toddlers

23rd December 2013, 23:08
Well my cheeky charlie has done it again never thought he would fiddle with the key in the stair lift but having found out he could get it out last week he did it again only this time he thought he would let it slide down the rail great fun watching it disappear into the main housing so with the biggest cheecky smile he was taken home cost twenty five notes for a call out to regain the keys. Lesson learned

24th December 2013, 02:54
Oh Gerald, your cheeky Charlie is a smart one…at least he just tinkered with the keys to the stair lift, you would have had bigger problems if he was fiddling with the keys to the car and he decided to drive off!! Lol As my son likes to say ‘These kids today…’ :)


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