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24th December 2013, 22:48
Does anyone have any hints and tips on these. Dad was given one today, it's been on for a total of two pee's and the bag is already full so much so the thing has come off and there's pee everywhere!!!!

I really can't cope with it after the day we have had today...I'd like just one day to go smoothly....as it's Christmas Day tomorrow I think we can be fairly sure it's not going to happen!!!

It's back to the urine bottles for now but if anyone has any hints and tips would be appreciated so that when I can face trying it again....

mrs m
24th December 2013, 23:21
hi cookiewitch,
to be honest, mr m tried a conveen and it was totally useless! The only thing that worked for him was an indwelling long-term catheter. If your dad does decide to use a catheter, my advice would be to use ones that have a large lumen (hole size), as these help to prevent blockages and therefore infections. thinking of you x

25th December 2013, 12:14
Hi CW;

I hope you'r making up all of these things because I can't imagine all this happening to one person in such a short time.

I do use a condom type catheter from time to time when I go on long trips or such like.

I have not had any problem with them but don.t fancy using it all of the time. I think mine are of a 750 ml capacity. Where abouts did it come off.

Do hope that things are better today.

Love Terry

25th December 2013, 12:25
Hi Cookewitch
Sounds tough for you and your Dad.
My Mum had a catheter fitted a couple of weeks ago because trying to use toilet at night and loads of times during the day was wearing her out and someone always had to be with her. I know it sounds drastic but it has given her a lot more freedom. She can sleep all night. We just change the night bag over in the morning. We can take her shopping in the wheelchair without having to heave her around in the disabled toilets etc. she resisted it for a long time but is now pleased. It took a little while to get used to it.
Hope things sort themselves out for you - especially today.

25th December 2013, 20:33
I think I'd prefer a proper catheter but they seem to be resistant because of infection risk. As for where it came off....the whole condom thing came off his willy.

We're just using urine bottles today but he's find it harder and harder to stand up even from the riser chair and then struggles to get his willy out because his hands seem to have deteriorated greatly in the space of just a week.

Terry, I wish I were making it all up.....I wish this was some horrific nightmare that I could wake up from and return to my normal life but no......we've just seemed to have a really bad week!

25th December 2013, 22:47
Cookewitch, so sorry things Re so challenging. We expect things to be fair and MND is just so unfair and unpredictable. Bad weeks seem much worse at this time of the year when the media tells us to expect dun. Hoping you have a better week ahead.
Respecting your resilience.


26th December 2013, 00:06
Hi cookiewitch. My husband used a conveen. One tip is to shave the area where it needs to stick....yes, I know not something you may have considered before! This does help it to adhere and stay in place for longer. We found them so useful and by using them didn't have the worry of a catheter and infection risk. Hope things get a bit easier x

26th December 2013, 13:25
Hi CW;

This thread might get X rated so I have too be careful with some of my tips. Looby is right, it is best shaven as it helps it stick and is far less painful when taking off. Apply the barrier cream to the whole area

This bit is easier for a wife rather that a daughter. As with real condoms, it is better to put them on something that is a little firm than a floppy small thing. Try not to put gluey part on head. Apply the velcro strap around the top area to stop it rolling down and the gluey part touching other hairs. Put the stocking type thing on and support the container in it and adjust the height so that there is no pressure on the little willy at the other end by raising and lowering the stocking.

Taking it off always use the spray provided and take your time.

Sorry for this XXX rated post, hope it help and if you haven't got all of the Items let me know and I let you know more.

26th December 2013, 16:03
We haven't been given any spray and no Velcro strap either.......

26th December 2013, 17:33
Did they show you how to put the thing on, You defiantly need the releasing spay otherwise you will do harm taking it off.

When the nurse came out to me see put one on me, bit embarrassing, she was not a good looker but well worth it as she was very knowledgeable. See if you can get her out and ask about the other bits. It is possible that it's a different make and does not require the other bits.

If you don't get any joy after a few days, PM me.

Regards Terry

26th December 2013, 18:45
The nurse had put it on and did show me. I think part of the problem is the leg bag is too small so it backed up and came off.

I'll give it a try on our own and see how we get on......thanks for your help Terry.

27th December 2013, 13:54
The palliative care consultant turned up unexpectedly today and she's going to push for the type of catheter that goes up his willy......Dad actually wants that one as he's had it before in hospital and hopefully will mean less leaks and bigger leg bags.

27th December 2013, 16:46
Hope that all goes well CW;

They are a lot more prone to infections, so keep a look out for them.

I won't send you photo's of how to put them on then.

Talking of living in a dream world, I often think that I have been in a four year one. Only trouble is I can't see myself coming out of this one. Surely I have paid for any wrong doing, and I will be a better person doing voluntary work etc.

I also would like a plane and learn to fly but that's just being selfish.

Well dreams, Terry

30th December 2013, 19:34
The Foley catheter was fitted this afternoon. I said they'd need a bigger bag than 500ml.....nurse said should be ok and then dad proceeded to empty 1500ml as soon as it was in....she was stunned!

He's now all set up with a 1000ml bag and it's normal amounts now that it is fully empty.....I have everything crossed that we both get some sleep tonight.....

26th November 2019, 11:14
Hi everyone, I know this thread is old but thought I'd leave this here anyway in case anyone comes across it in the future and wants to perhaps try a newer type of product :) Just came across this new condom catheter here

Had issues before with getting them to stay on. The one above comes in lots of different sizes. seems quite different to the others out there i've seen.

26th November 2019, 13:51
Hi Lizzie and welcome to the forum;

Thanks for the link and advise, there are several different types and designs etc.

Please feel free to ask any questions or just share things with us.

Best wishes, Terry

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