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27th December 2013, 19:17
I'm looking at getting an i-pad (Santa has been very generous this year!) and wondered if anyone has researched or used any of the accessibility apps?

Thinking of the future use of the product, I'm thinking it'll be handy to have eye-tracking control. And my MND nurse said that the technology department could "gift" me an app to help with communication, although I don't really know what that will do specifically.

Any words of wisdom?


27th December 2013, 20:04
Hi Caroline;

I don't know of anyone on this forum that uses eye gaze at the moment. Jeanie used to and John might be able to tell you how to get in touch.

There are quite a few threads on I Pad apps and eye gaze systems. Disability shows are a great place to try some out.

How is your voice and hand movement at the moment, as other things might be easier to use. I would see what Mnda offer and take it from there. Keep us informed on any good apps etc.

Regards Terry

27th December 2013, 20:58
Well, it seems I'm losing everything (legs, arms, speech etc) which is why I want to find something that'll help me communicate without voice or typing in the long run. I'll check out some of the other posts. Disability shows sound like a really good place to find things out. Do you know if any shows are more appealing for us MND lot?

I'll look it up...

28th December 2013, 13:27
I use 'Speak It' app on my ipad - it is very cheap {1.49 I think) and simple to use. I don't need anything else at the moment but others on the forum will no doubt pass on their tips.

29th December 2013, 12:18
My dad uses 'verbally' which is a text to speech app. It has a free version you can try then the upgrade was around 70 I think. It's good because you do not need wifi/ 3G internet connection for it as it's allowed n the iPad, some of the text to speech apps need wifi connection to work. I tried one eye communication app but was unsuccessful, would be good to hear if anyone finds any others! Thanks

29th December 2013, 13:40
I have used Speak IT on the IPAD but my daughter paid for a copy of Predictable which is reasonably expensive - 199 from the makers Therapy Box or 109 from Apple Appstore. It allows you to record all phrases in your own voice which is good if you still have a bit of a voice. It also comes with lots of prerecorded phrases that you can overwrite with your own voice. My voice is getting much worse so I am hoping I will be able to add some phrases to it when my voice has a 'good' day.


29th December 2013, 14:40
I use eye gaze at work, my fingers and hands are starting to struggle with a mouse and keyboard, I love it. Your SALT should be able to give more info. It seems like the most future proof solution.

29th December 2013, 15:55
That is great, many thanks for everyone's thoughts.

I like the idea of recording my own voice - my two children are very techie and are already giggling about setting up my speech device with a Barbie voice!!!

And eye gaze sounds good. I've searched for things like that but get all sorts of apps aimed at helping children with eye-tracking or eye contact.

Thank you,

29th December 2013, 15:57
Google Tobii

30th December 2013, 14:02
I use Predicable, a light writer, a
Boogie board ( 32 Amazon) and an iPad app called Edu creations which I use as a whiteboard. Oh, and lots of real whiteboards too with felt pens.

30th December 2013, 15:58

Predictable can be operate with a simple switch system, so for anyone with that on their I Pad it might be worth asking there speech therapist or Mnda if you could help sort that out.

30th December 2013, 22:07
Thanks again! My brother has given me his old i-pad so I can look into these things! Hooray!

3rd January 2014, 12:16
My dad uses 'verbally' which is a text to speech app. It has a free version you can try then the upgrade was around 70 I think. It's good because you do not need wifi/ 3G internet connection for it as it's allowed n the iPad, some of the text to speech apps need wifi connection to work. I tried one eye communication app but was unsuccessful, would be good to hear if anyone finds any others! Thanks

I can still speak but I am getting used to verbally ( with the 70 upgrade) . There are some good built-in voices that sound natural. I find that the volume on my ipad mini is too soft for use in a noisy place so I bought a tiny little extension speaker and that increases the volume. The great thing about verbally is that there is a full history kept, and its amazing how I seem to say the same thing again and again! To use verbally you have to use the built- in keyboard - or get someone else to type things in for you in preparation for the more predictable conversations. I guess I will have to move on to eye gaze when the time comes, but verbally is neat and useful just now.

3rd January 2014, 16:37
Welcome to the forum Althea;

Yes most tablets and laptops are quite quite. With tablets you can get blue tooth speakers, now around 20. Have a look in Wilkinsons or Maplin.

Hope that you join full time, Terry

12th January 2014, 11:54
My lovely brother has just driven a 4hr round trip to electronically record me speaking various words so we can hopefully import them into something like predictable at a later date.

He showed me a helpful website:


Simon is/was an MND sufferer who has put together various "menus" for equipment and apps depending on an individual's condition. It looks like a really good place to get an idea of things.

12th January 2014, 13:12

I think Simon is still a sufferer and what a great clear web site.

12th January 2014, 15:11
Thanks Caroline,
As my voice is weakening I shall start some voice banking over the next few weeks.


12th February 2014, 10:54
Hello Caroline
I have trouble with my hands and my speech is terrible. I use Jaybee which is predictable and I have downloaded Face Camera which costs 50. If you put 'Jaybee' in Google you will see Ian Schofield who developed Jaybee. He explains it all. Our local MNDA paid for me to have Jaybee and it did not cost thousands. Face Camera allows me to do everything on my computer. It works really well for me.

12th February 2014, 12:56
Jaybee looks good. I saw my Salt last week and she is hopefully coming to see me with the communication technology team soon. They have been very quiet so I'm really hoping not to have to wait too long. I want to get started as my speech is getting quite slurred now, especially when I have to nag hubby for not taking proper care of himself! Perhaps he's called them and said there's no hurry.

At least I'll have some things to ask them and I've tried the free version of verbally.

12th February 2014, 14:45
I have Jaybee and find it quite complicated. It might be just that I am lazy and have quite a good Lightwriter.

Hi CCVSD, What area do you live to get "Communication Tech Team" very impressed.

Hi Derek, Please that you have found a system that works well for you. Is your Jaybee on a laptop and does face camera works by remembering face shapes and how many different ones can you use?

Thanks Terry

12th February 2014, 16:09
I'm in north east kent.
Did you get your jaybee supplied or did you invest in it yourself?

12th February 2014, 16:36
About three years ago the Mnda run some trials on a couple of apps. I trialed the Jaybee and fortunately managed to keep it. Ian Scholfield did transfer and update it onto another computer after the other one crashed.
I don't know how well or if it runs on an I Pad. It does benefit from having a reasonable computer.

I hope that area has some SALT funding, it seems that England only have investment for the young school children. In Scotland things are different.

If you do manage to go to any Spring conferences or the AGM then Jaybee are normally there to trial along with eye gaze and others.

Regards Terry

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